Hlio dos Anjos preaches confidence in athletes from Nutico and says that being a ‘defender of the club’


An intense coach who defends the colors of the club he is in. That was the definition that Hlio dos Anjos, the new white coach, gave of his work. In his third visit to Nutico, the commander will have the mission to save Timbu from the relegation of Srie B after losing access last year when he commanded Paysandu. Thus, the coach recalled the 2006 and 1993 campaigns, and promised to fight hard for Nutico.

“The behavior of Hlio dos Anjos in the teams that I work with is always a behavior of putting your face to the beat. I defend my colors. So I would never want to leave any club without being a defender of that club, I at work with that, I have no problem exposing myself, because, deep down, those who know me, know that I would do anything, everything for to win in any team that I lead and what I’m going to do with Nutico. ”

“In 2006, I fought a lot for Nutico, 1993, I fought a lot for Nutico, as I fought for all the teams I work on. Fight, which I say, of wanting to win. And many times, in order to want to win, you try yourself and I don’t have to worry about exposing myself, because, on the part of Brazilian football, you have a great respect for everything we try to be and do “, he said.

The experienced technician arrives at a difficult time in Timbu. With a victory in just 12 games and sunk in the Z4 of Series B, Nutico experienced a moment of challenge to two of his references – Jefferson and Jean Carlos -, who were stopped in scales during the Monday so that they were preserved from the fans’ criticism. . Understanding this moment, Hlio dos Anjos pointed out that his way of seeking to recover and motivate the athletes through the collection.

“Each professional has his own way of trying to recover the player and me arriving at a club that has a cast, my first responsibility is to recover some players who are with low performance. I have to leave for work, talk, guidance and I have to leave for something fundamental, to give confidence to this athlete. A charge, but transmitting confidence. And I trust several of these players, I trust their performance a lot, they are able to improve based on work, based on conversations and based on creating an environment of greater commitment ”, explained the new commander.

“We cannot direct a bad moment to this or that player, a moment for everyone, because in victory everyone wins, in defeat they lose everyone, so we have to share that responsibility and I, as commander from now on, assumed that responsibility responsibility in recovering athletes and that is what we are going to try to do “, he concluded.