“I have no words for what I just saw”


“NI have no words for what I just saw … “: this is how InĂªs Carranca, reporter for RTP, started by describing a situation he went through recently and decided to expose in order to draw attention to all the care to be maintained at this time.

“I went to pick up a document from my parish council and, behold, when the attendant pulls the mask to my chin, licks my finger and starts leafing through the documents … With examples like these, we won’t go there. It is not enough to close trade, fairs and markets “, note.

“I have to say that, following this story, I called the parish council to alert. To alert, especially so that that lady would protect herself. She apologized a thousand apologies and told me to throw the document away that she was going to get a new one. me I have called to alert and told me that I had an act thoughtless“, stresses.

“This one like so many others that we still see today. We are going to wake up. The world is not the same and we cannot be either”, he ends.

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