In the duel between Portuguese coaches, Palmeiras wins, and Vasco returns to Z4


penalty kick (Photo: Maga Jr / Ofotographic)

In the duel between the Portuguese coaches, the Palm Trees won the Basque 1-0 in São Januário for the 20th round of the Football. After a very disputed first half, but with few chances of goal, Alviverde came back better in the final stage and Luiz Adriano scored the winning goal, with a penalty. With the result, Cariocas remain with 19 points and enter the sticking zone. The paulistas, in turn, enter the G-6 with 31 points.

In the next round, Gigante da Colina will return to the field on Saturday, 14, at 16:30, in front of Sport, on Ilha do Retiro. On the same day, Alviverde receives Fluminense, at 9:30 pm, at Allianz Parque. Before that, the team from São Paulo faces Ceará for the first game of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, Wednesday, the 11th, at 16:30, also at Allianz.

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Balanced start and with different proposals
The reunion between fellow countrymen Sá Pinto and Abel Ferreira started balanced and with different game proposals. Vasco adopted the scheme with three defenders, joining the lines well and not giving space to the opponent. Palmeiras, on the other hand, presented a lighter team, betting on triangulations between their owners and the winger. In the first twenty minutes, the São Paulo team found it difficult to break through the Vasco block, while Cruz-Maltino missed many passes, which hindered the offensive transition.

Little creativity and many pass errors
Throughout the first half, the teams barely finished on goals due to excessive errors. Despite Palmeiras having more possession of the ball, Vasco finished more, but only from long distance. The best arrivals at Gigante da Colina were in direct connections, with launches for the wings trying to find Cano in the area. The São Paulo club had a single good chance in a free-kick from Raphael Veiga, which Neto Borges deflected and averted the danger.

Goalkeepers save at the start of the second stage
In the final stage, the teams continued to perform within their characteristics and the coaches did not change the interval. However, Palmeiras came back better and soon had a chance to open the scoring. At 3, Ron received in the middle of the defense and was in the face of the goal, but Fernando Miguel did well and saved Vasco. Three minutes later, Gustavo Gómez hit a beautiful cross and Gabriel Menino completed for the goal. However, the Vasco archer made a safe defense.

Then, Sá Pinto’s team responded with danger and then with their top scorer. Germán Cano received in the area, cut the defender and kicked low. However, Weverton closed the angle and left at the foot of the Argentine striker. With more space, Gigante da Colina tried to work the ball with his most creative player: Benítez, but found it difficult to create good chances. At 16, Andrey received and attempted a long-range shot. The ball passed very close to the goal of Palmeiras.

Penalty and goal by Luiz Adriano
With difficulty in creating and overcoming the opponent’s lines, Abel Ferreira decides to make changes to increase the triangulations of the palmeirense attack. Thus, Lucas Lima entered the field and in his first move, was knocked down by Neto Borges in the area. Daronco pointed and Luiz Adriano went to the collection. The forward striker beat, Fernando Miguel defended, but in the rebound the shirt 10 puffed the nets and opened the scoring.

Palmeiras with one less and Vasco tries to draw
From the Palmeiras goal, Sá Pinto made substitutions seeking to put new blood and try to tie the match. He promoted the debut of Colombian Gustavo Torres, who appeared well. He received a good ball on the left and hit hard for a safe defense from the archer alviverde. Even with one more player due to the injury of Felipe Melo, Vasco tried to tie more on the basis of perspiration, than inspiration, but failed to reach the draw and returned to the relegation zone.


Local: São Januário, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Data: November 8, 2020, 4 pm
Referee: Anderson Daronco (FIFA-RS)
Assistants: Rafael da Silva Alves (FIFA-RS) e Michael Stanislau (RS)
WHERE: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)
Income / Public: Gates closed

Yellow cards: Léo Matos (VAS), Gustavo Gómez. Vinã and Lucas Lima (PAL)
Red card:

Goals: Luiz Adriano (27º / 2Q)

VASCO (Coach: Ricardo Sá Pinto)
Fernando Miguel; Miranda, Leandro Castan and Ricardo Graça (Vinícius 40º / 2T); Léo Mattos, Andrey (Ribamar 36º / 2T), Léo Gil (Marcos Júnior 18º / 2T), Benítez (Carlinhos – 18º / 2T), Neto Borges; Talles Magno and Cano (Gustavo Torres 36º / 2T).

PALM TREES (Technician: Abel Ferreira)
Weverton; Gabriel Menino (Marcos Rocha 18º / 2T), Luan, Gustavo Gómez and Matías Viña; Felipe Melo, Zé Rafael and Raphael Veiga (Lucas Lima 24º / 2T); Gabriel Veron (Gustavo Scarpa 18º / 2T), Rony (Willian 24º / 2T) and Luiz Adriano (Danilo 32º / 2T).

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