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Chosen to be the substitute for Eduardo Coudet, coach Abel Braga will rejoin Inter this Wednesday, at 21.30, in Beira-Rio, against América-MG, for the first leg of the Copa do Brasil quarterfinals. And it will feature a group of players excited about their arrival.

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Abel landed last Tuesday, was announced, gave an interview and commanded his first training. All in a few hours, but enough to receive the affection of the cast. In a video released by the club, the athletes talked about the coach’s arrival, with a long history in Brazilian football and responsible for the biggest title in Inter’s history, the 2006 World Cup.

– I never had the opportunity to work with him, but I always followed. It will certainly add a lot, especially the experience part, to get a group that is looking to win, to conquer things just like him. It just tends to be good for everyone – said Edenílson.

– Working with Abel for us is an honor. For me, who watched as a fan that he won the World Cup and Libertadores, it’s a unique experience. I’m sure he will contribute in the best way for us to win titles and maintain the campaign we are having this year – commented Heitor.

Abel replaces Eduardo Coudet, who resigned and went to Celta de Vigo, from Spain. It also starts its seventh pass as Inter coach and will have a squad hungry for good results, as goalkeeper Marcelo Lomba told us.

– The day was very good at Abel’s presentation, a nice chat, you know? He said some things from his heart, he represents a lot for this club. The crowd was hungry to play. The game is already a motivation, but I think it put an extra expectation for the return of Abel, a big winner – he reported.

Inter players are excited about Abel Braga’s arrival at Inter – Photo: Ricardo Duarte / Inter Disclosure

Inter face América-MG by going to the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil at 9:30 pm, in Beira-Rio. The return is scheduled for next Wednesday, at 21:30, at Independência. Remember: there is no criterion of qualified goal in the competition.


  • Local: Beira-Rio, in Porto Alegre.
  • Date and time: Wednesday (11/11), at 9:30 pm (from Brasília).
  • Probable Inter: Marcelo Lomba; Heitor, Zé Gabriel, Cuesta and Uendel (Moisés); Rodrigo Lindoso, Edenilson, Patrick, Marcos Guilherme and Thiago Galhardo; Abel Hernández (Yuri Alberto).
  • Who is out: Boschilia, Guerrero, Saravia and Rodrigo Moledo.
  • Probable America-MG: Matheus Cavichioli; Diego Ferreira, Messias, Anderson Jesus and João Paulo; Zé Ricardo, Juninho and Geovane; Felipe Azevedo, Ademir and Rodolfo.
  • Who is out: Eduardo Bauermann and Guilherme.
  • Arbitration: Caio Max Augusto Vieira whistles the match, assisted by Jean Márcio dos Santos and Vinícius Melo de Lima. The trio is from RN. Gilberto Rodrigues Castro Júnior will be responsible for the VAR.
  • Streaming: RBS TV, Globo Minas, SporTV 2 and Premiere broadcast live. The ge accompanies in real time, with exclusive videos.

New Inter Internacional banner – Photo: Infoesporte


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