Kanye West votes for himself in US elections: ‘Keep believing’ – 11/03/2020


Kanye West, who launched an independent presidential candidacy earlier this year, voted for himself during the presidential election in the United States and recorded the moment on social media. According to your publications, this would be your first participation in an election.

“Keep believing in Kanye 2020. Thank you Jesus Christ,” he wrote on Twitter, where he shared a video during his vote.

Later, the musician shared a second video of his ballot being digitized, which he called “the first vote of my life”. “We are here to serve. We pray for all leaders in the world.”

Kanye West runs for president for his own party, called the Birthday Party (a pun on the word “Party”, which can be understood as “party” or as “party” in the English language). Despite positioning himself as a third way in the presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, West cannot appear on all the ballots in the country, as the rapper’s campaign missed registration deadlines in several territories.


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