Microsoft responds to viral videos of the console by smoking


This Wednesday (11), began to go viral on the Internet videos in which the Xbox Series X, a new console from Microsoft, appeared emitting an absurd amount of smoke. However, it was discovered that these were fake videos, and now, Microsoft itself has used social media to talk about the subject.

The videos in question showed how the new generation console was overheating and smoking, but in reality, everything was videos made to deceive the public. Later in the day, some Xbox users showed how easy it was to replicate videos using vapor from vapes (electronic cigarettes), creating the impression that the video game was debuting with serious problems.

No Twitter, a conta oficial do Xbox decided to speak in the form of advice for Xbox owners. Check out:

“We can’t believe we have to say that, but please don’t blow smoke out of your vapes on your Xbox Series X.”

O Xbox Series X was released yesterday in the United States, so it is clear that any information about the operation of the console catches the public’s attention. But on the internet, it’s good to be smart!

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