Prince William hides disease of the English people – Boiling


William contracted the new coronavirus in April, but chose to hide the disease so as not to cause alarm in the British people.

The news was advanced by the English press that guarantees that the Duke of Cambridge contracted the virus a few days after his father, Prince Charles, tested positive. According to the advanced information, William will have had serious respiratory problems due to the infection.

The prince contracted Covid-19 in a dark phase of the pandemic in England, so he preferred to remain silent so as not to contribute to the social panicl at a time when the country was facing an increasing number of daily deaths.

It was at the same time that Prime Minister Boris Johnson also tested positive for the new coronavirus. ‘There were very important things happening at that time and I didn’t want to worry anyone,’ said the duke to a friend, a close friend quoted by the newspaper ‘The Sun’.

As is now known, William was treated by palace doctors and quarantined at the Anmer Hall family home in Norfolk. The woman, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, however, has not tested positive for the virus. Also according to the British press, despite the illness, William never stopped working and even made 14 phone and video calls a day, despite being shaken by the illness.

A source told ‘The Sun’ that “William was hit hard by the virus and that at one point he was even fighting respiratory problems”. “Many of the people around you were obviously in a panic.” However, during that time, he never failed to contact doctors on the front lines in fighting the pandemic to express his pride.


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