Prisons. 248 infected with covid-19 in Portuguese prisons



148 of the 164 infected prisoners in the country are in the Tires female jail.

There are 248 positive cases of covid-19 in Portuguese chains. The prison services board intended to participate in a conference to speak of the good example of Portuguese prisons until the outbreak of Tires erased the result achieved since the beginning of the pandemic. One hundred and forty-eight of the 164 inmates infected in the country are in the female prison in Tires. Eight of the 80 infected employees also come from this prison.

Human rights
Following the outbreak of covid-19 in the Tires chain, several complaints of violations of rights arose and the Bar Association (OA) appealed to the Ministry of Justice to act quickly. Minister Francisca Van Dunem was present in Parliament on Monday, but did not comment on the matter.

Under control
The Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services says that “the source of the outbreak is being assessed by public health authorities”. The situation will already be under control, both in terms of transmission and in terms of the “health situation of people who were positive for covid-19”. However, OA does not advise face-to-face meetings with prisoners.


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