Rapid tests and fear. That is why justification for positive cases in Madrid is justified, experts point out – Executive Digest


In the last month, Madrid halved the accumulated incidence to 14 days (number of infections and the positivity of the tests performed). Three experts analyzed the current context of the Community of Madrid and agree on a key issue that justifies the reduction of contagions: the attitude of the population towards the virus.

The government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, defends that its measures, mainly the “surgical” perimeter confinements and restrictions by basic health areas, are working.

However, the revision of these numbers and protocols reflects that the reality does not correspond exactly to the declaration of the regional executive, and that, with the available information, it is impossible to extract any certainty about the effectiveness of the rules.

Experts heard by the Spanish newspaper ABC, consider that one of the key factors was the inclusion of antigenic (rapid) tests in the diagnostic strategy. The Community of Madrid recently purchased five million of these tests.

“It is a good thing and a step forward for controlling transmission, since they detect cases when they are contagious, require less infrastructure, are cheaper and provide a quick diagnosis, which guarantees early isolation”, explains Miguel Ángel Royo, specialist in preventive medicine and public health and spokesman for the Spanish Society of Epidemiology.

Royo, Saúl Ares of the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research and Ildefonso Hernández, spokesman for the Spanish Society for Public Health and Health Administration, stress that “one of the hypotheses to be considered is a behavioral change on the part of a large part of the population in reaction to the alarm about the accumulated incidence in Madrid ”.

The fourth and fifth weeks of September were instrumental in lowering the number of infections. On the 21st, rapid tests began to be carried out, the limit of people per gathering was reduced to six and the confinements by basic health zones were activated.

Experts also recall that the closing of nightlife at 1 am, the ban on smoking on the street if the two meters were not met and the reduction of capacity in the establishments was equally important.

Spain this Tuesday accounted for more 411 deaths attributed to covid-19, the highest number of the second wave of the disease, increasing the total number of deaths to 39,756, according to figures released by the Spanish Ministry of Health.


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