Ricardo Rocha: Palmeiras today owes nothing to any European club – 06/11/2020


Yesterday (5), in the victory over Red Bull Bragantino, the debut of Portuguese coach Abel Ferreira at the helm of the club after leaving PAOK of Greece. The new commander of the club alviverde speaks of ambition for the achievements since his arrival.

At Fim de Papo, live post-round live from UOL Esporte – with the participation of Isabella Ayami, Danilo Lavieri and Mauro Beting -, Ricardo Rocha says that Palmeiras has to enter to seek the title in the three competitions that he disputes and that, like the Flamengo, owes nothing to European clubs today.

“Abel Ferreira has to know what Palmeiras are and he knows. He was in Europe, I’m sorry, I have nothing to do with PAOK, I like PAOK, but I think Flamengo, Palmeiras, Vasco are much bigger than PAOK. Palmeiras today owes nothing to any European club, Palmeiras, together with Flamengo for their management, owes nothing to European clubs “, says Ricardo.

“I think that Palmeiras, if you arrive at Palmeiras, regardless of being with Vanderlei, Cebola or whoever comes, whoever is now, the level must be high, the will to win must be greater than everything, because Palmeiras and put it all together, as has been happening in Flamengo, it starts to appear in Palmeiras, which is the base, these young players who are emerging and who never had the opportunity, and who now start to have the opportunity, so this mixture , as I always said, she is perfect “, she completes.

The former player cites the moment of Palmeiras – with a positive sequence in the Brazilian Championship, added to the vacancies in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil and in the round of 16 of the Libertadores -, to assess that the level of demand must be high.

“Those who play for Palmeiras have to be high, they have to think high, they cannot think small”, says Ricardo. [O Palmeiras] is on the right path, now, the ruler has to be up there and yes, it has to be demanded, because Palmeiras are very big “, he concludes.


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