Robot that passes cloth from Samsung arrives in Brazil for R $ 2,899 – 06/11/2020


Cleaning robots are already popular in the international market, and Brazil has been showing itself as a promising market in this segment. Samsung has just launched here a smart device that wipes, the Jetbot Mop VR6000, for R $ 2,899.

The launch represents another step by the company in an attempt to attract the Brazilian consumer. In early October, Samsung had already launched a 2 in 1 robot in Brazil, which aspires and wipes at the same time.

O Jetbot Mop VR6000 can be purchased at site from Samsung. It has a 10% discount for cash payments.

“The year 2020 accelerated changes in our habits. People have been staying at home longer and, consequently, they have become more concerned with keeping their environments organized and comfortable. There is a demand for more connected, autonomous and versatile products”, stated Helbert Oliveira, director of the white goods division at Samsung in Brazil, Tilt.

“Public acceptance has been very positive and reinforces the growing trend of the concept of connected living, or smart homes, with products that help make routines more practical,” he added.

How the robot works

With the help of sensors, the robot is able to avoid obstacles and avoid falls. The operation is similar to that of robot vacuum cleaners (Tilt has already tested and compared two models sold here). According to the company, it can scrub and remove even the toughest dirt in corners and baseboards.

In addition to floors, the robot can be used to clean walls and furniture. Just hold it by the handle it has. The battery lasts up to 100 minutes, according to Samsung.

Robot also works for cleaning walls

Image: Disclosure

The device can be controlled by remote control.

You can choose between eight cleaning modes: Edge (focusing on corners, edges), Auto (automatic), Step (step-shaped movement), Focus (spiral-shaped movement), 50min (cleaning duration), Intensive (circular movements), Pattern (movement in the form of the number eight) and Manual (by remote control).

Jetbot Mop VR6000: eight cleaning modes for the Samsung ironing cloth - Press Release - Press Release

Examples of robot cleaning modes

Image: Disclosure

Samsung explains that the robot uses two rotating paddles on which the cloths stay. The device’s own weight puts pressure between them and the floor. After cleaning is finished, just remove the cloths and wash them.

The robot can also sanitize environments with the help of cleaning products. However, they should not be used in the water tanks that the product uses. The product is sold with two microfiber cloths and two of another fiber type with greater liquid absorption power.


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