Samsung Exynos 981: the new mid-range chipset with 5G!


At the moment, attention is focused on the components used in the Galaxy S21. In fact, just yesterday we mentioned the fact that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is already in production. You can read more about it here. However and while we wait for the new Exynos chipset from the new top of the range, behold, there is a new mid-range processor gathering a lot of attention. I speak in concrete of the Samsung Exynos 981.

Samsung Exynos 981: the new mid-range chipset with 5G!

Samsung offers some very good mid-range smartphones. Incidentally the Galaxy A range is an excellent example of this. Now the new equipment from 2021 will need a new chipset and perhaps it could be called Exynos 981. This unannounced processor was located in the Bluetooth SIG, but little is known about it until now.

Samsung Exynos 981

What we do know is that Samsung has a new mid-range chipset up its sleeve. It’s called Exynos 1080 and Samsung has confirmed that it will use the latest Cortex-A78 cores from ARM. Many believe that this will be the successor to the Exynos 980.

However, the Exynos 980 was not used on the Galaxy A51. It arrived long after this device hit the market. So he uses the Exynos 9611. In fact, Samsung only used the Exynos 980 in the 5G variants of the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71.

So, where is the Exynos 981? If it is in fact the successor to the Exynos 980, then it can be used in the 5G variants of the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72. However, Samsung also sold the Exynos 980 to other manufacturers such as Vivo. So you can do that with this new chipset too.

Does this mean that the next Exynos 1080 will not have 5G integrated?

To be true it would also highlight the fact that Samsung will sell 4G and 5G variants separate from the most important mid-range. This would make sense. These models sell very well in markets where there is no 5G signal. That said, it makes no sense to equip them with a 5G-enabled chipset.

Samsung Exynos 981

Moving forward, the Bluetooth SIG listing doesn’t reveal much about the Exynos 981 other than its support for the Bluetooth 5.2 standard. This certification request was made by the Samsung Cambridge Solution Center, which is part of Samsung Electronics.

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