SBT drags on the ground with Teleton and Huck bomb with Iza


Eliana on the Telethon, which was badly heard (Photo: Reproduction / SBT)

Check firsthand the main previous audiences of Brazilian television this Saturday, 11/7/2020

The numbers refer to the measurement of court hearing in Greater São Paulo and each point represents about 74 thousand tuned households. The consolidated data will be released on TV Foco next Monday (9).

The telethon display at SBT had devastating audience figures this afternoon. Even with the presence of big names like Eliana, Maisa Silva, Lívia Andrade, Ratinho and Tiago Abravanel, the charity event ended up marking very low numbers in relation to Globo, which exhibited the Caldeirão do Huck.

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In the match, at 6:30 pm, SBT scored 3.0, while Globo exploded with an audience of 17.4 with the presence of Iza. Earlier, the situation was not much different. Jornal Hoje scored 12.1 on average against 2.9 on SBT on the hour, Toma Lá, Dá Cá made a great 9.7 against 3.4 and Simples Assim had a slight drop to 8.9, while Silvio Santos’ station scored 3.3.

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This year’s Telethon did not have the presence of Silvio Santos, who has already missed the event for the second consecutive year because of his health. The low audience numbers are possibly related to the absence of the veteran, who has run the program since 1998.

Last year, the communicator was diagnosed with a severe flu and had to put his SBT commitments aside and as soon as he returned he was only a few weeks active before the pandemic. Over the past few months, the network has faced a serious audience crisis, losing 30% of its audience.

Silvio Santos was enraged by the discovery at SBT (Photo montage)
Silvio Santos missed the Telethon this year because of the pandemic (Photo: Disclosure / SBT)

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