see the calendar for the month of November


Caixa Econômica Federal divided the more than 64 million beneficiaries of the program created by the government during the pandemic into groups. They receive different installments every month. Here, on this Wednesday (4), we will explain the calendar of those who are part of the cycle 4 emergency aid.

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During the program period, thousands of beneficiaries who had their registration application rejected, took advantage of the right to contest the analysis result and, months later, were approved.

New cycle 4 emergency aid: see the calendar for the month of November (Photo: Pixabay)

Who forms cycle 4

It is part of cycle 4 who was approved during the month of November and will still start receiving the first installment of R $ 600 emergency aid.

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This new group of beneficiaries was defined through Ordinance No. 519, of October 28, 2020, signed by the Minister of Citizenship Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS).

“The public benefiting from the emergency aid whose payment was reevaluated in October 2020 due to government data updates, will receive credit for the first installment in digital social savings opened on their behalf, according to the calendar”.

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Therefore, in November, the number 1 installment will be paid. See below the entire schedule for this month.

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Emergency cycle cycle 4 calendar in November

According to the publication made by the Ministry of Citizenship, the payment schedule for the first installment for cycle 1 started on October 30, for the 8 thousand beneficiaries born in January.

This Wednesday, November 4th, the credit is transferred to 7 thousand born in the month of February.

See the rest of the November calendar for the new cycle 4:

  • November 5 (Thursday) – 8 thousand born in the month of March;
  • November 6 (Friday) – 8 thousand born in the month of April;
  • November 8 (Sunday) – 8 thousand born in the month of May;
  • November 11 (Wednesday) – 8 thousand born in the month of June;
  • November 12 (Thursday) – 8 thousand born in the month of July;
  • November 13 (Friday) – 9 thousand born in the month of August;
  • November 15 (Sunday) – 8 thousand born in the month of September;
  • November 16 (Monday) – 8 thousand born in the month of October;
  • November 18 (Wednesday) – 7,000 born in November; and
  • November 20 (Friday) – 8 thousand born in the month of December.

The calendar above refers to the day on which the credit will be deposited in the social savings of Caixa Econômica Federal, operated by the Caixa Tem application.

The cash withdrawal period varies from November 7th to December 5th.

Onyx affirms that new cycles of approved shows the government’s commitment

In all, 95,000 people passed after several reviews over the past few months.

Onyx Lorenzoni says that, even after so many months later, so many citizens have the application approved it shows commitment by the government.

“It is another demonstration that we are analyzing each case so that no one is left behind. We will contemplate all the people who are entitled to the aid, a program internationally recognized for its efficiency in combating the socioeconomic effects of the pandemic of the new coronavirus and the greatness of the operation ”.

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The next installments for the new cycle 4 will still be published.

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