Sony says PS5 will have support for PS Now and that their games will not have region locks


We are only ten days away from the official arrival of the PlayStation 5 to Brazilian stores and the start of deliveries for those who purchased the new generation console from Sony during the pre-sale period. Given this, the Japanese giant of the gamer world released today, November 9, a huge list with frequently asked questions and answers about the new device.

In the material released, the company clarifies on a subject that can be very well received by the gamer community: games for the PS5 will be free of blocking by region. This means that if a game is officially released in Japan, Brazilian gamers will be able to enjoy it without any major problems even if there is no official and specific release for Brazil.

In addition, the Japanese company also explained that its new generation console will support the PlayStation Now cloud gaming service. This will allow PlayStation 5 owners to access an even larger catalog of older games than expected. initially, as PS Now allows access to some PlayStation 4 games as well as PS3 and PS2.

Sony initially announced that most of the more than 4,000 PlayStation 4 titles can be played normally on PlayStation 5 and also revealed a list of ten games that not will have backward compatibility.

In addition, Rockstar – developer of GTA and Red Dead Redemption – also gave some details about how support for some of its main old and current games will work both in the new generation of Sony and in the new consoles from Microsoft.

The PlayStation 5 will hit Brazilian stores starting on November 19th.


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