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Rogério Ceni will have the company of his three squires in the challenge of running Flamengo. Assistants Charles Hembert and Nelson Simões Júnior and physical trainer Danilo Augusto, who have been with Ceni since the beginning of his coaching career, are the confidence men of the new red-black commander.

+ With chat and smiles, Rogério Ceni leads the first training session in Flamengo

Rogério Ceni between Charles Hembert (left) and Danilo Augusto – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

Ceni will debut for Flamengo this Wednesday, against São Paulo, in the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup. At Fortaleza, he and his trio won Series B of the Brazilian Championship, the Northeast Cup and the second championship of Ceará.

Meet the committee members:

Charles Hembert – auxiliary

The assistant is French and had an experience in the selection of Cameroon during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but only met Rogério Ceni during the 2016 Copa America, when he provided logistics services for the Brazilian team. At the time Ceni was a punctual assistant to coach Dunga.

Then they took the English football federation course together and visited several clubs in Europe. The partnership continued when Ceni started his career as a technician in São Paulo and continued in Fortaleza, Cruzeiro, and now in Flamengo.

Charles Hembert speaks Portuguese well and helps Rogério in the games and in conducting training on a daily basis. The preferred activities are high intensity activities with reduced time.

A striking characteristic of the French is the explosive temperament at the edge of the field. Because of complaints, he was expelled five times in the last Brazilian.

Charles Hembert directed Fortaleza against Flamengo in 2019 because Ceni was suspended – Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Nelson Simões Júnior – assistant

The only one who was not present on Rogério’s first day at Flamengo, but they know each other well. Nelson and Ceni were teammates in São Paulo and won, for example, the 1994 Conmebol title.

The former defender hung up his boots after a career with smaller clubs in Brazil and returned to work in the youth ranks. When Ceni became a technician, he invited him to join his commission.

Nelson Simões will join Rogério in Flamengo after helping interim Marconne Montenegro in Fortaleza’s match against Bahia, this Wednesday.

See images of Rogério Ceni’s first training session at Flamengo

Danilo Augusto – physical trainer

The coach knows Rogério Ceni well, since the time when he was still a goalkeeper for São Paulo and they worked together. When he became a coach, Ceni invited Danilo Augusto to join his commission.

Danilo is known not only for his work as a fitness coach, but for his role in motivating the cast. On some wheels before entering the field, sometimes he even uses objects (such as books, mirrors …) as triggers to try to encourage athletes even more.


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