Therefore, she moves on quickly


It was almost a year and a half ago that the news that Miley Cyrus (27) and Liam Hemsworth (30) were to separate created a stir among the fans. At the time, the couple had been married for a little over half a year, which was the reason why the news came suddenly to many.

In the aftermath of the breaking news, however, there were other factors than the break itself that were reported in the media. Cyrus was observed shortly afterwards in hot embraces with TV personality and blogger Kaitlynn Carter (32), and the artist was quickly accused of moving on too quickly.

BREAK: Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter went their separate ways last fall after a few months as a couple. Photo: DIGGZY / SplashNews / NTB
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The relationship with Carter, on the other hand, did not last long, but then it did not take long before a new man took over Cyrus’ love life. This time it was the Australian artist Cody Simpson (23), who dated the artist for ten months before they went their separate ways in August.

After some turbulent years, Cyrus now opens up about the emotional life. She did this recently in an interview with none other than Norwegian “Skavlan”.

Therefore, she stopped using drugs

Therefore, she stopped using drugs

– Healed by movement

In the interview, host Fredrik Skavlan (54) agrees that Cyrus will soon enter his 30s. On that occasion, he asks if the star thinks she has become more or less emotionally driven over the years.

– It’s asked if you ask boys I’m done with. They want to say less, but I think more, she says jokingly.

GUEST: This is what it looked like when Miley Cyrus visited
GUEST: This is what it looked like when Miley Cyrus visited “Skavlan” last week. Photo: Pernilla Thelaus / NTB
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Furthermore, the artist becomes more serious, and tells about the stigma she experiences around her own gender. Then she goes into the traumas and losses she herself has experienced in recent years.

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– Women who put things behind them quickly are seen as cold. I have been through some losses in recent years. My house burned down in Malibu, I have been through a divorce, and recently I lost my grandmother, with whom I was very close, she begins, and continues:

- I was so ashamed

– I was so ashamed

– I understand that people can be overwhelmed by things they experience in life. It is not easy, but you can make some tools you can use. My way is not to cry to finish things, but rather to just move on. I am healed by movement, by traveling and meeting new people. You lose a person, but then a new one comes into your life, she explains.

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– Working with ourselves

Although Cyrus claims she heals the wounds of the past by just moving on, things have apparently slowed down on the love front after the breakup with Simpson this summer.

It was in a live broadcast on Instagram that the “Midnight Sky” singer is said to have confirmed the breaking news.

– Today it became known that me and my boyfriend have broken up. It was confirmed by a “credible source” even though no one is credible in a relationship other than the two who are in it, she said according to Cheat Sheet, and continued:

The detail that attracts attention

The detail that attracts attention

– But right now, two halves can not form a whole, and we work with ourselves to become the people we want to be.

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Dirty divorce

The break-up with Simpson may thus have gone peacefully, in contrast to the divorce with Hemsworth last summer. Shortly after the break-up, it was claimed that the actor was told that Cyrus would be divorced via the media.

– Liam and Miley have decided to take out separation. People are constantly evolving, and they have decided that this is the best thing for them, it was said in the statement from Miley’s representative in early August 2019.

- The ex-in-laws are furious at Miley

– The ex-in-laws are furious at Miley

Although the statement reads that Liam and Miley agreed with this decision, sources close to the “The Hunger Games” star thought that this was new to him as well, according to Page Six.

At the time, the Hollywood star is said to have been in Australia, and he is said to have found out about the divorce precisely through that statement.

In retrospect, it was claimed that Cyrus’ ex-in-laws were furious with her. Hemsworth’s older brother Chris Hemsworth (37) and his wife, Elsa Pataky (44), are said to have asked Cyrus to stay away from her ex-husband.

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