Women protest in Santos, SP, asking for justice for Mari Ferrer | Santos and Region


Hundreds of women protested this Sunday afternoon (8) at Independence Square, in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, asking for justice by Mari Ferrer. The demonstration was peaceful.

According to one of the students who participated in the act, the demonstration took place at 3 pm. “It was a peaceful, beautiful and very symbolic event. The organization was totally spontaneous after exposing the case of Mari Ferrer. Several women came together and the act came to life,” says Gabriela Feltrini Ferreroni, 20 years old.

The case of Mariana Ferrer and the treatment given to the young woman during the trial, in which she was insulted several times by the defendant’s lawyer, provoked indignation, reaction from the National Council of Justice and criticism from ministers of higher courts.

Gabriela participated in the act this Sunday (8) in Santos, SP – Photo: Estela Magalhães

The young woman accuses businessman André de Camargo Aranha of raping her in December 2018, during a party in Florianópolis. He was acquitted by the courts.

After the video of the trial was posted on social media, the women carried placards saying sexual violence and held 8 minutes of silence, out of respect for each rape victim. In addition, the protesters opened up to several women to express their outrage over the case through words, music and poems.

“We participated just after we were horrified by the way Mariana is treated at the trial. It goes far beyond the words themselves, but the reaffirmation of the patriarchy, where a lawyer uses photos or exposes the girl’s body trying to justify the unjustifiable (rape) There is no reason to justify rape “, says Gabriela.

For the protesters, the way the young woman was treated showed that the judicial system was not able to protect her. “It was very beautiful to see so many people together fighting for the same cause. The case of Mari Ferrer is no exception, we as women live victims of a flawed system, which still exposes us to many injustices. Yesterday was Mariana and tomorrow it could be any one of us. To fight for rights, in reality, to reaffirm what we should already have, which is a fair society. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to exchange experiences and feel the power of the feminist struggle “, he concludes.

Protesters took posters with phrases against sexual violence – Photo: Estela Magalhães


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