Ylva (20) is the voice behind Disney’s new Christmas song – VG


– I’ve been a Disney fan since I was little. I love “Hannah Montana” and all the Disney princesses, so it’s pretty weird really. I am very happy that they wanted me with them, says the 20-year-old from Kristiansand.

Now she has a plan to see absolutely all the movies that are on Disney +.

Olaisen became known through her participation in The Stream in 2016, and she has also been in the TV show Ā«Generation ZĀ».

Hans Van Rijn, Nordic manager at Disney, says that they are happy with the collaboration with Olaisen.

– When Universal Norway proposed Ylva as an artist for the Norwegian version of “Love is a Compass”, we immediately think that she will fit perfectly. Ylva is a big Disney fan, she is talented and her interpretation of the song is phenomenal, beautiful and touching.

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Olaisen says that the song is about not feeling alone.

– I think it is very exciting, and hope people like the song, she says.

And if Disney’s Christmas song does not get the listeners in the Christmas mood, Olaisen can reveal that she will come up with another Christmas song next Friday, called “This Christmas”.

The 20-year-old is currently in the studio a lot, and is working on another new project. She will not reveal more than that listeners should look forward to the New Year.


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