Marcela says she will not forget Daniel after BBB20 and surprise response


BBB20: Daniel and Marcela discuss relationship inside the house (Photo: reproduction / Globo)
BBB20: Daniel and Marcela discuss relationship inside the house (Photo: reproduction / Globo)

The couple talked about how the relationship will be after the end of BBB20

The new couple formed inside the BBB20 has been giving us something to talk about. Daniel, who entered the confinement after winning the love of the public inside the glass house, ended up approaching the gynecologist from the moment he entered the house, and many people think it was out of pure interest.

This happened because, when entering external information about the game, he already knew that she was being one of the protagonists of the edition, and even that she had already gained more than two million followers on Instagram, reasons that make many not like the couple .

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Last Monday (24th) the lovebirds talked about the relationship, and questioned what it would be like after the end of the BBB20, it was when Marcela was surprised by Daniel, who was totally detached from the relationship started in the Globo studios.

The doctor said she was afraid of her feelings, because she did not know what would happen after leaving the door (about when she left the program), it was then that Daniel replied: “Outside I want to meet a lot of new people”, and took her by surprise. See the video:

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Marcela getting lost in the game

After the start of a pseudo relationship within BBB20, many viewers have been accusing Marcela of having lost herself in the game. The sister, who used to spend the whole day with Gizelly and Thelma, almost never stays with her confinement friends, and even made fun of the criminal lawyer at times, making everyone even more indignant with her attitudes.


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