What did CR7 say before the 2017 Champions League final?


In an extensive letter to ‘The Players’ Tribune’, Marcelo confessed never-before-told stories about the final of the Champions League Against the Juventus or the Liverpool in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

The full-back revealed that he had a picture of anxiety before facing the ‘red’ team and then looked back to remember some Cristiano Ronaldo words.

It was all in the hours before the final against Juventus, on June 3, 2017. In the dining room, there was no one who dared to say a single word.

“We were all sitting around the table to eat before the game. There was a silence and nobody said anything. I could hear stomachs making noises. Everything was very tense“, recalled the Brazilian.

What CR7 said before the Champions League final

But Cristiano Ronaldo got up and ended that silence, making all his teammates feel less pressured, saying that he also felt the importance of the meeting.

“Finally, Cristiano said ‘guys, a question: is it me or does anyone feel the pressure in the stomach?‘everyone replied. If Cristiano feels it, we can all feel it. Cristiano is an ice man, a machine and even he was scared. He broke the tension and only he could have managed“, wrote.

The full-back finished his short speech before the ball rolled: “In the first half we will suffer, but in the second we will win easily. I will bring them down“.


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