Shell reprimands for misleading advertising at children's festival

<pre>Shell reprimands for misleading advertising at children's festival

Shell made misleading advertising at the Generation Discover 2018 children's festival. The Advertising Code Foundation ruled on appeal on Tuesday. Shell has misled children by creating the impression that the oil company makes a positive contribution to the environment through Gas-to-Liquid (GTL), according to the Foundation's Board of Appeal. It thereby destroys the earlier opinion of the Advertising Code Committee, which rejected the complaint from environmental and legal organizations.

The dispute revolved around a billboard next to a Ferris wheel on Generation Discover 2018, a festival intended to bring children into play with technology. The board stated, among other things, that alternative diesel fuel GTL burns 'cleaner than normal diesel' and thus produces 'fewer emissions'. According to the sign, this would "improve air quality in the environment where GTL is used". The Ferris wheel, which ran on GTL, would also contribute to the United Nations development goal of 'making affordable, modern and cleaner energy sufficiently available to everyone'.

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According to the Institute, which relies, among other things, on the "fuel-rating passenger cars" of the environmental organization Nature & Environment, the difference in environmental friendliness between diesel and GTL is negligible and the wheel therefore did not contribute to the development goals of the UN. The Institute recommends that Shell "no longer advertise in such a way." Shell maintains in a response that GTL is better for the environment than regular diesel because it would 'reduce emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides'.

Confidentiality declaration

Generation Discover 2018 has been discredited twice before. Last year it appeared that children who participated in the festival had to have their parents sign a confidentiality agreement. Earlier, the municipality of The Hague and other institutions spoke out against the event because, according to them, oil and gas company Shell and sustainability do not go well together.

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