Election 2020: alliance with PT in Rio generates unprecedented dispute in PSOL – 27/11/2019

Election 2020: alliance with PT in Rio generates unprecedented dispute in PSOL - 27/11/2019

After finishing second in the Rio City Hall dispute in the last two elections (2012 and 2016), PSOL finds itself with an unprecedented internal dispute for next year's municipal elections. For the first time, federal deputy Marcelo Freixo (PSOL-RJ) finds an opponent within the party and divides opinions among the co-religionists. The reason is the stated willingness to compose a plaque with the PT – which generated reactions of repudiation in one wing of the party and caused Councilman Renato Cinco to launch his candidacy.

Freixo's desire to make a single left front in Rio viable, he says, is what he calls the advancement of the far right. Therefore, in the deputy's view, it is necessary to put aside the position adopted by the party in recent elections, when it chose not to ally itself with other leftist parties and bitter defeat at the polls. Cinco, in turn, says he believes that the possible composition with the PT would be a "distancing from the socialist essence of the party and a vain attempt to tame capitalism".

The presence of Freixo alongside former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) during his first speech in São Bernardo (SP) after more than 500 days in prison already indicated the desire of the parliamentarian to have a petista on his plate. The name of the federal deputy Benedita da Silva (PT) is the most cited by members of PSOL to occupy the post of deputy candidate. Ash, however, avoids quoting names.

"My effort has been to build a broad left front all over Brazil. We have an extremist federal government that works with technical disability and suppression of rights. Fighting this means being able to work together since now. In Rio, we have already closed the partnership with the PT and the PV. We have been talking with the PCdoB and the Network as well. We will not debate names this year, one name restricts the debate. This feeling is shared by former President Lula ", he says.

Self-declared pre-candidate, Freixo will need to circumvent Lula's desire to see Benedita as a candidate next year. In an interview with journalist Fernando Morais, the former president defended Benedita as "head of the plate" and said that "the PT needs to go to TV to defend the party".

"Coalition with PT would be backward," says Cinco

And that's where Freixo's name has bumped into a PSOL wing. Representative of those who oppose the alliance with petistas, Renato Cinco says that the possible coalition would be a setback for the party.

Marcelo Freixo and Renato Cinco, from PSOL

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"The alliance with the PT would be bad because it represents no change from what has brought the left here. We need to make a sincere and thorough assessment of everything done so far. This program cannot be a return to what we have had in the last few years. 30 years and that can further strengthen the right. Today, the one who says we have to change everything is the extreme right. But the left says it needs to keep everything, "he explains, who also calls himself a pre-candidate.

"The coalitions must converge programmatic connections. I do not see this with the PT. I want to rescue the anti-capitalist and socialist proposal of the PSOL. Lula's PT did not govern contesting Fernando Henrique Cardoso's neo-liberal policy of the PSDB. I believe that what produces a society with social welfare is a socialist proposal. In the last presidential election, for example, the candidate of PSOL was Guilherme Boulos, who repeatedly defended the flag of Lula. our flag, "says the councilman.

Freixo's turn towards the constitution of a single left front, according to himself, does not happen by chance. Cradle of Brazil's pockets, Rio would be a portrait of the political framework that spreads throughout the country. President Jair Bolsonaro (currently without a party) must name the dispute in the state capital. Meanwhile, former mayor Eduardo Paes (DEM) is given the right name in the election race and Marcelo Crivella (PRB) is a pre-candidate for reelection.

Freixo says he learned from previous elections. "The conjuncture of the 2016 elections (when he lost in the second round to Marcelo Crivella), for example, was very different. It was a post-impeachment moment, a very unfavorable conjuncture for the progressive sectors," he explains, who ran in the same election. , with Jandira Feghali (PCdoB) and Alessandro Molon (NET), without seeking coalitions.

Pre-Candidates Preach Mutual Respect

The party's decision will not come until next year. The internal convention that should "hit the hammer" over the candidate's name will only take place after the PSOL Municipal Congress, to be held in March next year.

While the decision does not come, Cinco reiterates respect for the internal opponent.

"Although I do not agree with these issues, I consider Freixo one of the best on the Brazilian left, who has shown unparalleled courage on several fronts, such as the CPI of the Militias in Rio de Janeiro. Healthy party is party with debates," he says.

Freixo, meanwhile, says he sees no problem with having an internal opponent on the road to this, which may be his third straight run for the municipal government. "Normal things of a democracy," he says.

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