Judge suspends GOFit fuel delivery app activity

<pre>Judge suspends GOFit fuel delivery app activity

The curious GOFit app, which had the concept of delivery by application for fuels, had its activities suspended in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. The city requires that the app is properly regulated and has operation authorized by the National Agency of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

The person responsible for the suspension is Marcio Alexandre Pacheco da Silva, judge of the 45th Civil Court of Rio. Yesterday, Marcio welcomed the injunction of the Trade Union of Fuels and Lubricants Retail and Convenience Stores of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro (Sindcomb ) and suspended app operations.

If the suspension is not respected, those responsible will have to pay a daily fine of $ 100,000. "For the practice of the activity of resale of fuels, it is essential the prior authorization of the ANP and the fulfillment of strict requirements, including the requirements of environmental agencies," explains the judge.

Company already operates in fuel distribution to gas stations in Rio (source: disclosure)

What is GOFit?

The application was in its initial phase and served only in some regions of the capital of Rio de Janeiro – Tijuca, Recreio and Vargem Grande. With the app, before suspension, it was possible to request delivery of ethanol ($ 3.95 per liter) and regular gasoline ($ 4.79 per liter).

The entire refueling process was up to the company, sending a truck and specialized personnel to fill the tank. The payment was due to the credit card registered in the app, as it happens in other delivery apps. Simply request the quantity and type desired and track the order over the internet.

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