Hulk’s niece takes desperate action after stabbing her aunt in the back and is forced to hide – TV Focus

Hulk e Camila Ângelo (Foto: Reprodução/Coluna Leo Dias)

Hulk and Camila Ângelo were first caught together at Guarulhos Airport (Photo: Reproduction / Column Leo Dias)

Camila Angelo deleted social networks after dating Dating Hulk, who was married to her own aunt, Iran Ângelo

Hulk has been on everyone’s lips since the end of last year, when his relationship with his ex-wife’s niece was reported in the media. All indications that the relationship is troubled were given, since the family of Iran Angelo – mother of the player’s children – does not support Camila Angelo’s attitude at all, beyond predictions of sensitive Érica Dias and the clashes in the Justice of the Former couple.

Camila Ângelo’s name was one of the two most searched terms on the TV Focus site and her visibility is increasing, as the audience that follows the relationship of the player with the blonde ended up shooting several offenses against the young woman. On the web, you can see that netizens repudiated the attitude of the niece who stabbed her aunt in the back.

Often humiliated from the internet, Hulk’s girlfriend had to delete her social media accounts to avoid further offense. People were outraged after some related points were disclosed, for example, Camila Angelo called her aunt and then-husband to be the groomsman of her wedding in 2011. Iran Ângelo also gave companies to her niece’s family, in addition to having given her plastic surgery as a gift.

The player’s girlfriend embarked with him to Shanghai, China, where he earns 20 million euros a year, the first time they have been seen together since the relationship exploded on the web. Sensitive Erica Dias assured her that she is only “looking for something”, and when she succeeds, she will leave. Hulk, meanwhile, would not be very “faithful” in dating, which would last until about September.

Hulk commented on pregnancy rumors involving Camila Ângelo (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
Hulk, Iran Ângelo and Camila Ângelo (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

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