Millionaire! Vasco negotiates bank sponsorship renewal by 2023


Vasco has been negotiating the renewal of the contract with Banco BMG until 2023. The current bond, of R $ 8 million, ends at the end of this year, having earned R $ 4 million per year to the club. O THROW! found that in this new contract claimed, the amount to be paid in a fixed manner by the bank to Cruz-Maltino will be $ 18 million, which would give $ 6 million per year, representing an annual increase of $ 2 million.

The talks are advanced so that the contract is closed this week and the R $ 18 million will be paid to Vasco in advance, in a single installment, until the next day 20. The negotiation has been led by Adriano Mendes, then vice president of controlling of the club, which is about to leave the office for disagreements with President Alexandre Campello and sees as “last act” within the current management the signing of the contract renewal with the bank.

This conditionality of prepayment of the full sponsorship amount is seen as a necessity at Vasco for the ability to catch up, paying back salaries to staff and players. With this, will be able to go with the planning for 2020. This expedient of receiving the cash value, however, will not be new in the relationship of Vasco with BMG, since the $ 8 million of the first bond were paid to Cruz-Maltino thus who signed it.

The sponsor’s exposure in this new contract would initially be in the master space of the uniform. However, in the behind-the-scenes conversations, it was agreed that if Vasco gets another sponsor for the top spot of the shirt with a higher value during the term of the contract, the bank’s brand exposure could be moved to another location. BMG’s idea is to expand the disclosure of the bank’s digital arm.

At the negotiating table, it was also defined the possibility of Vasco receiving other values ​​depending on goals to be reached during the sponsorship period. Adriano Mendes has been intensifying the talks with BMG even with the imminent departure of the club’s management, precisely because of having a good relationship with those responsible for the bank. It is even expected that the manager will appoint a person of his trust to continue leading the bank’s digital project with Vasco after the renovation, if materialized.


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