New vehicle sales rise in 2019 and expected to accelerate by 2020, says Fenabrave – 01/02/2020

New vehicle sales rise in 2019 and expected to accelerate by 2020, says Fenabrave - 01/02/2020
Brazil had 2.787 million cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses in 2019, up 8.65 percent from a year earlier, the distributors’ association, Fenabrave, said on Thursday. The volume marks the best year of sales for the sector since 2014, when they totaled about 3.5 million units.

For 2020, the entity made a first forecast of 9.6% growth in sales of new vehicles in the country, to 3.056 million units.

“This positive performance (from 2019) is due to some economic factors, such as lower interest rates and falling delinquency and unemployment rates, which directly reflected in the increase of consumer confidence and also of the Brazilian businessman. “Fenabrave President Alarico Assumpção Júnior said in a press release.

But much of the new vehicle sales last year were driven by purchases made by car rental companies, which now offer services for drivers of urban transport applications.

According to data from the Central Bank, the credit to purchase vehicles was the fastest growing in 2019 among all types of corporate, from January to November this stock was up 71%. In 12 months, the growth was 80%, to 47.8 billion reais.

BC Deputy Head of Statistics, Renato Baldini, said late last year that “a lot of people have been working in this segment without buying the car, renting the car for long periods even. There has been a business model that seems to work. this data that we have observed “.

Fenabrave’s estimate for this year includes 9% growth in sales of new cars and light commercial vehicles to 2.898 million units; 24% expansion in truck sales to 126.15 thousand units and a 16% increase in bus traffic to 31.54 thousand units.

“This scenario boosted the supply of credit, which should continue in 2020, so we are confident of a new growth cycle, albeit moderate,” added Assumpção Júnior.

December’s sales movement, which is one of the strongest for the sector in the year, also marked the best performance for the month since 2014, with licenses of 262,700 vehicles, up 8.4% over November and high 12% compared to a year earlier.

According to Fenabrave data, among the main automakers in the country, Fiat Chrysler, which is negotiating a merger with Peugeot, posted the highest sales of cars and light commercials in 2019, from 14.5%, to 495.6 thousand units. , leading the annual ranking.

The Italian-American automaker was followed by General Motors, which topped 475,700 vehicles last year, up 9.5 percent from 2018.

The Volkswagen group, including Audi, ended 2020 in third place in the ranking with sales of 423.2 thousand cars and light commercial vehicles, up 12.3%, and was followed by the Renault-Nissan alliance with sales of 335.3 thousand vehicles, up 7.3%.

Ford had a 3.5% drop in sales of cars and light commercials last year, licensing 218,500 units, according to Fenabrave data.

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