Campello may be removed from Vasco’s presidency; see the reason


Vasco president Alexandre Campello could be punished with a warning or be removed from office for up to six months by the Justice Commission because of the accusation of obstructing the work of the open syndication to ascertain the entry of new members to the club in 2019 .

Formed by ten members, the committee will meet this Friday after being convened by the president of the club’s Deliberative Council, Roberto Monteiro. Campello is due to present a defense to the commission later this Friday.

At the CD meeting last Wednesday, President Alexandre Campello was pressured once more to release the list of club members. On leaving, he denied having violated the regulation:

– There is no obstruction. It is my duty to protect the data of Vasco’s members. Many counselors have already come to me to ask that these data not leave the club, so that they do not have the data exposed. I have always responded to inquiries in due course. I waited for the minutes of the investigation to be approved, then I told everyone that I had a computer room and all the necessary documents available for them to check what they wanted.

Campello complains that there is a movement to disrupt the club:

– There is an interest in getting this data out of the club. In my view, it is more of a political movement to cause discomfort, difficulties for management, for the administrative board. Unfortunately, always in a difficult time for management. It is the goal of the worse the better.

Campello can be punished by the Justice Commission

Campello’s temporary removal from the presidency of Vasco, if it happens, will pave the way for General Vice-President Elói Ferreira de Araújo to take over the club. Without Campello as an obstacle, opposition groups can finally have access to the list of members who joined the board in 2019.

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