CS: GO: FalleN counters criticism from commentator: “You have no idea how hard we work”


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Last Tuesday (28), FalleN responded to commentator Semmler after criticizing the team’s performance recently. On the HLTV Confirmed program, the commentator said he did not believe the team could return to the top of the international CS: GO scene again.

Semmler also said he did not know if the Brazilian quintet had the “flame to put everything on the line again”.

On his Twitter, the MIBR captain commented on Semmler’s statements and was critical of the commentator. “It is easy to come up with small talk and say that we have lost our hunger and that is why you no longer see us succeeding, as Semmler said in an interview today. You have no idea how much we work and how much we invest to try to be the best ”, he said.

FalleN also spoke of the effort made to return to the titles and recalled the time away from family and country. “If you think that we will not succeed, that is your opinion; ey don’t care. But never ask a question about how much effort we make. Five years abroad, away from the family, living and breathing the game all year ”.

In the end, FalleN spoke of his respect for Semmler, but he also nudged the commentator. “I have a huge respect for you and I’m a big fan of your work, but this is a comment that I usually read from crazy fans after losing,” he concluded.


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