Flamengo moves R $ 300 million in sales and hiring higher than expected – Blog do Rodrigo Mattos


Despite winning in the 2019 season, Flamengo has made a significant overhaul of its squad for next year. The club surpassed its goal of selling players and, therefore, also invested a little more in signings than budgeted. In total, there was a movement of around R $ 300 million in this window.

The first step for the club was the sale of Reinier to Real Madrid for 30 million euros (R $ 139 million). With this amount, the board already advantageously exceeded the budget of R $ 80 million in sales for the year – the club should keep R $ 110 million for the percentage. In addition, he has now negotiated Pablo Marí for 4 million euros on loan to Arsenal – an amount that will reach another 4 million in the middle of the year with the sale. Excluding this amount, it is R $ 157.5 million.

Regarding acquisitions, Flamengo closed the purchase of Gabigol with Inter Milan for 16.5 million (R $ 76 million) in its most expensive operation. Michael was hired from Goiás for R $ 34 million. With the departure of Marí, he paid another 6 million euros (R $ 27.8 million) for Léo Pereira, from Athletico. The loan from Pedro da Fiorentina cost an additional 1 million euros (R $ 4.6 million). The sum of all these transactions reached R $ 142.6 million. There was also a minor purchase operation for striker Thiago, from Náutico, whose value was not revealed.

The amount spent on contracting slightly exceeds that provided in the budget, which was R $ 138 million. But the practice within Flamengo is that the football department is allowed to spend more if it has sales that exceed the budget. With a balance of R $ 60 million – or R $ 30 million if we consider the loss of Reinier’s percentage, the club had more money to hire since other revenues pay salaries.

There is an intention within the club to relieve the payroll that increased with the arrivals that involved athletes who did not have federative rights purchases, such as Pedro Rocha, Gustavo Henrique and Thiago Maia. Therefore, there is a movement for sale of Piris and Berrío that did not materialize.

From the point of view of cash flow, sales and purchases were made in installments. Gabigol will be paid until 2023 for the settlement with Inter Milan. Reinier’s negotiation for Real also has payments in installments during the year. The same is true for other transactions. Therefore, the club understands that there was a balance in operations even with a final balance.

And, internally, coach Jorge Jesus was satisfied with the result of Flamengo’s window when he met his demands from a midfielder like Pedro and a more incisive one like Michael. In the end, the successful team in the 2019 season was the one that moved the most at the beginning of the year.


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