Free Cannabis Advocacy Specialist Opens Business Consultancy in Rio – Cannabis Inc.


With recognized authority in the judicialization of issues involving the right of patients to grow medicinal Cannabis, lawyer Emílio Figueiredo, 42, decided to undertake. As of February, Synapse Social – with three other partners – officially opens, focused on strategic planning for the development of projects and businesses in the sector.

Figueiredo is currently director of the Reforma collective, with 22 lawyers, spread across eight Brazilian states, who provide free service, called pro bono law. They are responsible for 29 of the 58 habeas-corpus granted by the Court for the medical planting of Cannabis in the national territory.

In addition to charitable work, Figueiredo is an activist, always present on social networks and at major events. He likes controversy: “Brazil needs a long debate. Banning marijuana does not protect young people. The ban created new drugs. Crack comes from unrefined cocaine. The parallel market produces new drugs to escape the law. The ban did not work in Brazil, ”he told Cannabis Inc., during the telephone interview, in a speech repeated over and over again in lectures, debates and parallel discussions.

Another idea that the lawyer hammers: “We need to come up with a more humane drug policy, which does not create rights for those who have the resources to import Cannabis, while the Afro-descendant and poor population goes to jail.”

Behind the scenes, he is called Robin Hood of Rio. “My public work started in 2013. I have a civil law office (in Rio de Janeiro), which has nothing to do with Cannabis, from where I get my bread. This year I opened my own consultancy to do the legal part ”, explains Figueiredo, with a carioca accent, which hides the origin. The lawyer was born in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo. Son of a teacher and a lawyer, he is the eldest of three brothers.

With the changes to the rules of Anvisa (Health Surveillance Agency) announced at the end of 2019, this year cannabidiol will start to be sold in pharmacies. The companies and laboratories involved in the process are full of doubts about how they will be able to meet the new requirements to put products on the shelves.

But how is the Reformation? “Coletivo plans to expand the sharing of information. Let’s start teaching habeas-corpus. The idea is to capillarize the service in Brazil, whenever there is a real need ”, says Figueiredo.


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