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The Free Assembly decided, “by majority”, to remove political confidence from its sole deputy, Joacine Katar Moreira. After a meeting – without his presence – that lasted until the dawn of this Friday, the elected body about two weeks ago chose to demarcate itself from its deputy, ceasing to be represented in the Assembly of the Republic.In a meeting that started during Thursday night and lasted for nine hours, the Assembly of the Free reported that,“with 34 favorable votes and 7 votes against 41 members present”, he understood that he had not seen any actions or facts that “allow restoring confidence” in Joacine.

However, the withdrawal of political confidence does not mean that it loses its place in Parliament, with Livre clarifying that “it does not ask – nor will it ever ask – for Joacine Katar Moreira to renounce his right to remain in office in the Assembly of the Republic “and understanding that this decision” rests exclusively “with Joacine.

What rights will Joacine now have as a non-registered deputy?
According to the new regiment of the Assembly of the Republic, which aims to extend the rights of single deputies, Joacine Katar Moreira will now be entitled to only two political statements per legislative session, instead of the five to which he recently became entitled. Still according to the new document, “non-attached deputies indicate the options on the parliamentary committees they wish to integrate and the President of the Assembly, after hearing the Conference of Leaders, designates the one or those to which the deputy must belong, welcoming, to the extent possible, the options presented “.

As a non-registered deputy, Joacine will also have the right to be informed about the work orders, on the same day, of the Leaders Conference. With regard to the beginning and times of debate in plenary, the situation of the deputy will not change: according to the AR’s Rules of Procedure, non-registered deputies and the only deputies representing a party “are guaranteed a one-minute intervention time”.

The parliamentarian will also lose some of the rights now won by single deputies, such as the right to intervene in the debate on the Government’s Program, in biweekly debates or in the debate on the State of the Nation. On January 24, Joacine Katar Moreira had defended the extension of the regimental rights of deputies not registered in parties, during a meeting of the working group to rationalize the votes object of deliberation in parliamentary plenary.

If the deputy resigns her term, she will take her seat in parliament Carlos Teixeira, a member of the Contact Group and number two candidate for the Lisbon circle in the last legislative elections.


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