Fuvest 2020: 1st place in Medicine gives study tips


O Fuvest entrance exam it is the most popular in Brazil and, when it comes to Medicine, the competition for places at the University of São Paulo (USP) is even more fierce. At 17, Natália Lopes de Faria won the competition and was approved in 1st place for Medicine on the Ribeirão Preto campus.

A resident of Goiânia, Natália completed high school at the end of 2019, at Colégio WR, and participated in the entrance exams 2020 of Fuvest, Unicamp, Unifesp and Famema, in addition to the National High School Exam (Enem) 2019.

On January 24, Natália had confirmation of her approval for the USP medical course. “I was at school when I saw it, I opened the Candidate Area and had the classification and number 1. I thought there was an error, that it was not me, I loaded the Fuvest website a few times to make sure I was the first”, recalls .

On the last 28th, with the result of the Unified Selection System (SiSU), Natália was also approved at the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). “I chose USP”, reveals the student.

Dream that started in childhood

The desire to do medicine arose in Natália’s childhood. “When I was 10 years old, I wrote a letter to Natália of the future at school and she said that I wanted to be a doctor and respect everyone. Since that age I already knew that I wanted this for my life ”.

The student from Goiás started studying with a focus on Medicine at an early age, thinking about applying to UFG. In high school, Natália decided that she would also prepare to try a place at USP.


Even with a routine focused on preparing for Fuvest, Natália did not neglect leisure, moments of rest and physical exercises, reserving two days a week to go to the gym. “My classes started at 7 am and went on until 1 pm. I had lunch at home and studied at home, from 2 pm to 8 pm, but always with breaks. I would walk for an hour, stop to watch an interesting video, do a nice reading ”, he highlights.

“It is important to take time to distract, refresh the mind and return more concentrated. I tried to pay close attention in class to optimize the time and not have to learn the subject later” (Natália de Faria)

• Preparation

As it is a very competitive entrance exam, Fuvest’s selection process has a high demand in the content of its tests to select the best candidates. Natália points out that the main difference from Fuvest to other entrance exams is the second stage, which covers Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography as specific subjects. “I prepared for these subjects, I tried to obtain a more consistent knowledge, as it would be a great advantage in the second phase”, he points out.

The student acquired physics books more in-depth than those she had at school, in addition to attending libraries to look for other sources on Biology, Chemistry and Geography. The other subjects she studied through the school’s handout.

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The young woman made notes to reread at home, but she always cleared doubts with the teachers during classes. His goal was to spend time studying at home to review and dedicate himself to the subjects in which he had the most difficulty.

Writing is also a very important part of USP’s entrance exam. Natália set aside three hours a week to train the writing and wrote based on the themes of previous editions of the selection. “I took turns between the newsrooms of Fuvest and Enem, which have different characteristics. The Fuvest newsroom is more related to Philosophy ”, explains the freshman of Medicine.

As the Fuvest entrance exam requires a lot of knowledge of the obligatory literary works, Natália took with her the books chosen for the entrance exam. She tried to read before classes, during breaks or at times like waiting for medical appointments.

See the books required for Fuvest Entrance Examination 2021 and 2022

To facilitate the review of everything she noted in the preparation for the Vestibular, Natália was inspired by the study method adopted by another student previously approved first in Fuvest. The mallet consists of write and draw the main subjects of the subjects in reminders and fix them on the bedroom wall, always so that the student can quickly identify the concept.


For those who want to take the Fuvest Vestibular to enter Medicine, some tips are important. Check out what the student says!

Go further in specific disciplines: search for books with more in-depth content, do not restrict yourself to school handouts.

Read all Fuvest’s literary works. It is essential to read carefully and make analyzes. This is fundamental in the second phase, which demands a very in-depth discussion about the books.

Believe in yourself, avoid comparisons and know how to balance study, rest and leisure: Some friends studied every day until midnight and insisted that I should do the same, but it exhausted me, made me tired and prevented me from being more productive. We have to trust ourselves, know our limits and not worry about what others are doing.

Know the specific aspects of the Fuvest events, such as which specific subjects make up the second phase of the course and how the writing is, for example. The previous tests help the entrance exam to know how the entrance exam is.

Download the Fuvest evidence

Fuvest 2020

Fuvest’s Vestibular 2020 arrives at its second call this Friday, January 31st. The selection had 8,317 vacancies at USP and almost 130 thousand people enrolled in the competition for opportunities.

Fuvest applied the first phase on November 24, when the participants had 90 objective questions on Biology, Physics, Geography, History, English, Mathematics, Portuguese and Chemistry. The second stage, on the other hand, was held on January 5 and 6 with 10 discursive questions from Portuguese, 12 from specific subjects and an essay.


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