Honda’s arrival at Botafogo enlivens alvinegros motoboys


The crowd alvinegra is in a state of anxiety with the arrival of Honda in the club. No, it is not the car manufacturer’s arrival as a sponsor, but the arrival of Keisuke Honda, a 33-year-old Japanese midfielder, whose negotiations with the team are well advanced.

On Twitter, it became a global issue, when the hastag 本田 さ ん ボ タ フ ォ ゴ に 来 て (“come to Botafogo, Honda”, in Portuguese) hit trending topics. In times of speaking place, nothing more just than the space for first opinions is that of those who earn their living on a motorcycle.

Like, for example, the mototaxi driver Dudu Mendonça, 37, who has a point in Catete, South Zone of Rio, but runs the whole city from there. He argues that this arrival should be analyzed from two angles: sports and business.

– Regarding the new management model that Botafogo is implementing, which is S.A., it will be very good because it will highlight the name of the team. Honda is a well-known player, has played for several big clubs, this highlights Botafogo on the international football scene, and attracts spotlight, investors. A club that hires Honda deserves a little attention from the world. From that point of view, I think it’s very good when it comes to marketing.

With a black-hearted heart, unfortunately, anyone who sees Dudu racing through Rio de Janeiro, thinks his team is different, since his Honda motorcycle is red-black.

– Just for the record, she is red and black for the sake of opportunity. She’s semi-new, I’m her second owner. If I were to take a zero, it would certainly not be red and black, but, yes, white with a black belt in the tank – he justifies.

The timing of the hiring seems to be unanimous among the Botafogo people. Also owner of a Honda – this time, gray and black, with white belts -, mototaxi driver Betinho Santos, 34, classified this possibility as “a very important contract, made at the exact moment”. And he compared the Asian with two other foreign names that have successfully marked the history of the club.

– The hiring of Seedorf and Loco Abreu, for our club, was sensational. It was very good for our history and our marketing. With the Honda coming, it will be no different. It will visibly attract investors from abroad.

With a stop at Largo das Flores, in the Rocinha Community, in the South Zone of Rio, the Speed ​​Motorcycle driver, has the Estrada da Gávea route. But, hopefully, he hopes that this arrival can move the roads in the North Zone more. Mainly, the path that leads to the Nilton Santos Stadium, in Engenho de Dentro.

– Our (number of) partner-fans will increase a lot. Supporters will attend the stadium more. Not to mention that he is a player with three World Cups. It will be wonderful – exalts the carioca.

Botaofogo’s president, Nelson Mufarrej, declared that the chances of the Japanese, in fact, closing with the club are high, and the contract is expected to be signed this Friday.

Source: Extra Online


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