Leonardo is attacked by fishing animals; see the video


Illustrative image of Leonardo pescando – Editing: TV Foco

The singer Leonardo told an unbelievable fisherman story in which he was attacked by fish.

Leonardo is one of those native sertanejo root who loves to fish with friends and he makes a point of showing the leisure moments with his millions of followers on social networks. Just go to his Instagram account to see the most diverse photos and videos he shared. And that week, the singer decided to expose a comic story about a certain day that was attacked by the fish themselves.

In a video posted on the social network, Leonardo, sponsored by a brand of cookies, made the revelation for the advertising action. He said that he was once with some friends fishing, until someone accidentally dropped the bait of the fish in the river. They were concerned, as the fishery was already over as there was no way to get the animals’ attention.

The famous sertanejo singer, Leonardo left his followers distressed by moving away from Friends after so long (Photo: reproduction / Insagram)
The famous sertanejo singer, Leonardo left his followers gaping when telling a fisherman story (Photo: reproduction / Insagram)

To calm down a little, Leonardo said he started eating some cookies from the video brand and suddenly, a fish jumped out of the water and ate the food. Without believing what had just happened, the singer took another cookie, put it in his mouth and again another animal jumped out of the river and took the food.

It was clearly an advertising action, but is it really that Leonardo did not suffer such an attack? He likes fishing so much that everything can be true. Now, who really liked this story were his fans, who filled the comments box. “I don’t think I would believe this story, if you weren’t the one who told it, Léo! ”, One person wrote. “It’s a fisherman’s story, yes! Leo fishing with seiiiii cookies ”, another fan doubted this unusual event.

Do you want to see Leonardo telling this with your own eyes? Click below:


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