Lisbon is the city with the most traffic on the Iberian Peninsula


In 2019, Lisbon was, for the fourth consecutive time, the city with the most traffic on the Iberian Peninsula, above major Spanish cities like Madrid or Barcelona. The findings are from the TomTom Traffic Index, which annually analyzes traffic congestion in 416 cities in 57 countries. According to this barometer, Lisbon has a percentage of 33% in terms of congestion, making Lisbon residents spend about 43 minutes in traffic daily, which makes a total of 158 hours a year.

The traffic index increased compared to last year, but the Portuguese capital ended up dropping four places in the ranking, now occupying the 81st position in the world.

Porto also saw its traffic index increase, having risen three percentage points in relation to last year, and rising 13 places in the ranking, occupying the 109th position. Still, with an index of 31%, it remains lower than that of Lisbon. In invicta, drivers lose 39 minutes in traffic, adding up to a total of about 154 hours a year.

The end of the day on Friday (between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm) causes the main problems of traffic congestion, both in Lisbon and Porto. Analyzing the levels of traffic on highways, these are situated at 23% in Lisbon and 21% in Porto. On the secondary roads, congestion increases to 34% in Lisbon and 36% in Porto, registering, respectively, an increase of one and three percentage points in relation to last year.

In addition to the two main Portuguese cities, the TomTom Traffic Index included the cities of Funchal (17%, 351st position), Braga (18%, 334th position) and Coimbra (15%, 375th position), with all of them registered an increase in the percentage of traffic. According to the TomTom report, in Funchal and Braga, drivers spend an average of 22 and 24 minutes a day in traffic, respectively, and 18 minutes in Coimbra. As in Lisbon and Porto, the period of greatest congestion is at the end of the day, in which case, the most congested day of the week has the greatest variation.

According to this study, the world ranking is once again led by an Indian city. In 2019, Bengaluru topped the podium, with drivers in the Indian city spending 71% more time in traffic. It follows the capital of the Philippines, Manila (71%), Bogota, Colombia (68%), the most congested city of 2018, Bombay (65%) and Pune, also in India (58%), thus completing the top-5 of the cities with more traffic in the world.

Moscow leads the European list again (59%) and Istanbul (55%) precedes it again, with Kiev (53%), Bucharest (52%) and Saint Petersburg (49%) following. The cities of Brussels (37%), London (37%) and Paris (36%) occupy the 11th, 12th and 13th positions, respectively. Major capitals such as Paris (39%), Rome (38%) and London (38%) ranked 14th, 15th, and 17th, respectively.


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