LoL: Soraka top and “ADC” is the new fashion among professionals


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League of Legends is constantly changing and the various updates, nerfs and buffs cause different strategies to eventually appear on the Summoners Rift fields. Proof of this are the new positions that Soraka has won in recent days. The champion, who is originally support, is being used in the top laner and also in the bot lane (like “ADC”) by professionals and high-link players.

Looking at the statistics on the Pro Builds website, you can see that almost all of the champion’s games are in the positions mentioned above. Players like Ghost, Pilot, Hauntzer, Bang among others are abusing the new strategy.

Photo: Pro Builds

The strategy of the champion in the top laner is quite simple. In the route phase, she will not beat any champion almost always, so the objective is just to survive without giving her opponent many kills and to keep farming. Your Q is the ability to be maximized, as it provides easy clearwave, good poke, heals and gives movement speed to the champion. Another important factor is that your skills have a low mana cost, so it is not difficult to survive the route phase safely.

After level 6 the true utility of the champion begins, as she manages to help her entire team with her ultimate without even leaving her route. The objective of this strategy is for it to continue to exercise the support function (including in its build), however being able to climb faster. Many top laners choose to go with the “Barrier” spell instead of “Teleport”, since from the mid game onwards the champion is always grouped with the team and thus does not need to teleport.

Most popular items used for the champion by professional players. Photo: Pro Builds

On the lower route the purpose is the same: to make the farme champion and reach its peak mid game power faster. Combinations with other champions who can play the role of carrier / support like Senna or Pyke are emerging, but the strongest duo at the moment is with Rumble. The champion has a high damage in long exchanges and is relatively resistant due to his W. All this combined with the Soraka kit, makes the route phase of the two is very strong.

Talents and order of skill evolution used by Nyu, Redemption’s top laner, when he played with the champion on the top route. Photo: Pro Builds

Analyst Shakarez, who has worked with Vivo Keyd and is now on the LEC team, published a short video (in English) explaining this new “goal” for the champion. You can check it out below:

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