Mercosul standard for license plates will be mandatory as of this Friday – 01/31/2020 – Daily life


After successive postponements, it begins to be valid from this Friday (31) in Brazil the obligation of the plate in the Mercosul standard for all new vehicles, which receive a new license plate or whose registration changes the municipality.

The change also applies if the vehicle changes category or if the license plate is stolen, stolen or damaged.

Drivers who do not suit these cases do not need to change the vehicle’s license plate, but can do so if they wish.

The new Mercosur license plates are inspired by the integrated system adopted by the countries of the European Union, and will be applied to vehicles in the five countries in the commercial block – Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The plates have a white background and seven characters, four letters and three numbers. There is a blue upper stripe, with the flag and the name of the country where the vehicle is registered.

Each country has decided how to dispose of the numbers and letters. In Brazil, the standard will be “LLL NL NN” for cars (with L for letters and N for numbers) and “LLL NN LN” for motorcycles. In Argentina, for example, the default is “LL NNN LL”.

The license plate was already mandatory in some states, such as the Rio de Janeiro (the first to adopt it). Now, it is valid throughout the country.

With the new standard, registration is no longer the responsibility of Detrans. Vehicle owners should look for registered stamping companies, information available on the website of each state department (see here the companies accredited in SP).

There is no fixed price established for the license, each company can determine the value. The São Paulo Department of Transportation, however, carried out market research and released values ​​“that serve as a suggested reference for both the supplier and the consumer.”

The São Paulo agency suggests that the registration of cars, buses and trucks costs R $ 138.24, and that the registration of motorcycles costs R $ 114.86.

The old seals were replaced by a QR code (a type of barcode), which when scanned provides information about the vehicle, such as model, year of manufacture and chassis.

The car plates will be 40 cm long and 13 cm high; those for motorcycles will be 20 cm long and 17 cm high.

While the old ones differed by the color of the background, now what changes is the color of the digits. Black characters are for private cars; in red, commercial (rental) or learning vehicles; blue, official cars; gold, diplomatic and consular; in gray are for collector cars; in green, special vehicles as test prototypes.

Uruguay has been using the system since March 2015; Argentina, since April 2016; Paraguay started implementing it in July last year.


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