Nutico holds selective this weekend for women’s football teams


(Photo: Discloses

The Wilson Campos Training Center, in Guabiraba, will receive athletes interested in places on the U-20 women’s soccer team and Nutico’s main team this weekend for an evaluation. The process is aimed at girls from 15 years old, who must do uniform tests with soccer shoes, black shorts and white shirt.

For those selected in the main team, the main commitments of the season will be the Pernambucano Championship and the Brazilian A2. J in the under-20 category, be the state dispute.

“We are going to do a selective to recruit athletes from the interior of the state and the metropolitan region of Recife. We kept some athletes from last year’s squad and we will invite others here from Pernambuco to complete the group”, said Nutico’s female football director, Luiz Cludio de Carvalho, in an interview with the club’s website.


Who is also planning to select female athletes for this year’s season, the encore, who will perform a sieve at 5:30 pm next Monday, aiming at assembling the main and under-20 squad. The tests will take place at Campo do Poeiro, in Cruz de Rebouas, located in Igarassu. Like Nutico, this selective is also intended for players from 15 years old. The Black Bird’s expectation that around 25 athletes will attend.

To participate, the athlete must register – free – through the @ibisfeminino profile on Instagram and attend the informed location wearing a black or red shorts and a black medium, in addition to the boot.


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