Rodrigo Bocardi tells secret on TV, goes back and denies


Rodrigo Bocardi at the presentation of Bom Dia São Paulo (Photo: Reproduction)
Rodrigo Bocardi at the presentation of Bom Dia São Paulo (Photo: Reproduction)

Journalist left fans confused after secret disclosure

During Bom Dia São Paulo, the journalist Rodrigo Bocardi ended up puzzling his fans by telling them a secret. In conversation with his presentation companion, Gloria Vanique, he said that his real name was not Rodrigo.

The journalist said that ‘Moura’ was real, however, Rodrigo wasn’t, that he had adopted that name, because his real name couldn’t be used on a daily basis. “We created this one,” said the presenter, referring to the name Rodrigo.

Glória Vanique, then, wanted to know: “Rodrigo is a lie, is he a fantasy?”. Rodrigo Bocardi answered yes, and said that it was normal for famous people to create a star name, artistic.

However, later, through social media, the journalist went back on what he said, saying he had lied on purpose, to show that one should not believe everything on the internet, however, he left his fans even more intrigued.

“My name is Rodrigo, Rodrigo Bocardi. Nice to meet you, all of you. It was just that story to see that you can’t believe everything on the internet. You saw the transformation quickly. You can’t fall for it. Let’s go to the verification, the credibility and trust information you see here. No curiosity, it started here and ended here. It’s Rodrigo Bocardi ”, he wrote in his publication. And so is the mystery, is the name of the journalist or not Rodrigo Bocardi?

Rodrigo Bocardi also got involved in another controversy with Glória Vanique, this time, it was because he compared women with a capybara who entered a clothing store, because, according to him, they were women who loved clothes.

Glória Vanique then scolded the introductory partner, saying that he had made a macho comment. Rodrigo insisted that it was women who liked to spend and that was why he made the comparison. Disgusted by the colleague’s comment, Glória Vanique said that in fact everyone loves shopping, and then closed the matter. Climão!

Rodrigo Bocardi makes a joke, Glória Vanique doesn't like it and answers him live: ‘machista’; Globe
Rodrigo Bocardi makes a joke, Glória Vanique doesn’t like it and gives him an answer live: ‘machista’ – Editing: TV Foco with images from Globoplay


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