Silvio Luiz: “A company hired me to make a wedding priest” – 01/30/2020


In your participation in the podcast Reuters this week, the narrator Silvio Luiz told a new experience he had recently, when he was invited to lead a wedding ceremony inside the Museu do Futebol, in São Paulo.

In addition to all the ritual that is usually commanded by a priest or a judge, Silvio mixed the classic phrases of wedding ceremonies with his most famous catchphrases.

“The woman was from Corinthians and her husband was from Palmeiras. He had the script and I said, ‘Aren’t they going to marry the church? Don’t you have a priest?’, There was nothing. They were fans of mine and set up all the staff there, ‘Sandra , do you accept Hector as a husband for life? ‘ ‘I accept.’ ‘Hector, do you accept Sandra forever?’ That conversation “, revealed Silvio Luiz (on file at 41:05).

“It was all in the script, one hour he said ‘look at the bidding!’, ‘Through the beard of the prophet’, ‘what am I going to say at home?’. I think he sent me today, wedding photography and the company wants me to record a video to tell how I felt narrating a wedding. It was such a crazy deal, a Corinthians fan and a palmeirense went to get married at the Football Museum. The guy’s idea. And what I got, I gave to the Hospital of Cancer “, he added.

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