Sonae MC’s sales grow to 4.7 billion in 2019 | Companies


The company Sonae MC announced this Wednesday that it had preliminary sales of 4702 million euros in the year of 2019, an annual growth of 9.2% compared to the 4308 million euros registered a year earlier.

In a statement to the market, the Sonae group company (owner of PÚBLICO) reports that it ended the year 2019 with 1,228 operating units “including franchises, corresponding to 911 thousand square meters”. It opened “91 own stores, 13 of which are supermarkets close by”, adding up to another 36 thousand square meters.

In “like for like” terms – for the same store perimeter, not including openings or closings in the periods under analysis – sales grew by around 3%.

Of the 4.7 billion euros, the large share – 47.6% or 2.23 billion euros – came from the supermarket segment, 35.15% or 1.65 billion euros originated in hypermarkets and 17.23% or 810 million euros came from what the group classifies in the statement as “new growth businesses”.

Sonae MC is the distribution company where the group led by Cláudia Azevedo aggregates the commercial food chains Continente and Meu Super (in partnership with sole proprietors), but also the DIY chain Maxmat, Note stationeries, para-pharmacies Well’s and the Go Natural organic supermarkets.

The company’s management classifies the sales increase as “record” and “the biggest growth in more than 10 years”. It also highlights the “solid growth” of hypermarkets, the “dynamic performance” of supermarkets and the “accelerated development pace” maintained in the new growth businesses, “with emphasis on the internationalization of the health & wellness through the acquisition of Arenal ”.


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