Soy records another fall in Brazil this Tuesday


harvest soy

Photo: Agência Brasil

Soy prices lose their attractiveness in the Brazilian market. The marketing of oilseeds continues at a slow pace, with no apparent relevant business. The Chicago Commodities Exchange and the dollar fell on Tuesday

In Passo Fundo (RS), the 60 kg bag fell from R $ 83.50 to R $ 83 per bag. In the Missions region, the price fell from R $ 83.00 to R $ 82.50. At the port of Rio Grande, the price went from R $ 88 to R $ 87.50.

In Cascavel, Paraná, the price followed at R $ 80.50 a bag. In the port of Paranaguá (PR), the bag stabilized at R $ 86.50. In Rondonópolis (MT), the sack remained at R $ 78. In Dourados (MS), the price stabilized at R $ 77.50. In Rio Verde (GO), the bag continued at R $ 79.


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