Sturgeon may go to court for referendum in Scotland | Brexit


Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was prepared to test in court the possibility that the Edinburgh Parliament would set up a new referendum on independence, if London maintains the opposition.

In a speech this Friday, just hours before the UK’s departure from the European Union took place, Sturgeon defended the argument that Scotland has an “iron democratic mandate” to convene a referendum on independence. The strengthening of dominant position of the Scottish National Party in last year’s elections and the opposition of a majority of the electorate to “Brexit” justifies a new consultation, said the chief executive. In Scotland, “Brexit” was rejected by 62% of voters in the June 2016 referendum.

“Nothing can more firmly show how the needs of our nation can no longer be met by a discredited and fragmented Westminster Union. But there is a prospect of a better and brighter future as an equal and independent European nation, ”said Sturgeon.

A new consultation must be “legal and legitimate”, stressed the Scottish ruler, who added that there are no “shortcuts” for this objective to be achieved. “It must clearly demonstrate that there is a majority that supports independence and its legality must be guaranteed without a doubt. Otherwise, the outcome, even if successful, would not be recognized by the other countries, ”said Sturgeon.

To that end, the prime minister says she does not exclude going to court so that the power to call a referendum is assigned to the Edinburgh parliament. In 2014, the British Government agreed to transfer this competence, but Boris Johnson has already said publicly that the referendum six years ago was a “one generation” event.

This week, for the first time in five years, a poll by the YouGov Institute showed that there is a slight majority of Scots in favor of independence. In 2014, the “No” to independence collected 55% of the votes.


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