12 rides to enjoy Carnival without spending a lot


The most lively time of the year has arrived! ❤️ And to facilitate the carnival role of those who will spend the holiday in Rio, a Free Turnstile panned free or very cheap cultural programs that happen from Friday to Ash Wednesday.

Do not worry! There are many options, both for those who do not leave the blocks and for those who prefer other types of rolls. Now just choose and play! Look at the list we prepared.


Credit: ReproductionYou can enjoy a movie at Carnival

Movie fans can enjoy Carnival a lot. Between Friday and Sunday, there is a nice film program at IMS.

You can see (or review) features like the suspense “We”, by Jordan Peele, about a family who decides to spend a weekend on the beach and rest in a summer house. They travel with their children and start enjoying the scenery, but the arrival of a mysterious group changes everything.

Another option is the “Ghost Town Anthology, by Denis Côté. In the story, Simon Dubé dies in a car accident in Saint-Irénée-les-Neiges, a small, isolated town with a population of 215 inhabitants. Stunned, other residents are reluctant to discuss the circumstances of the tragedy. From that moment on, both for the Dubé family and for several other people, time seems to lose all meaning, and the days drag on without end. In this period of mourning and under the fog, strangers begin to appear in the city.

Follow the full cinema schedule at IMS and have a lot of fun.

When? Between the 21st and the 23rd
Where? IMS Rio | Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 476 – Gávea
How much? From Friday to Sunday and public holidays, R $ 26 (full price) and R $ 13 (half price)

Burle Marx, Grande Sertão Veredas

Credit: Disclosure“Grande Sertão Veredas”, by Burle Marx

The exhibition “Visões Cotidianas do Brasil Moderno”, curated by Marcus de Lontra Costa, presents works from the old Banerj Collection that today is part of the collection of the Museu do Ingá, in Niterói.

The public has access to approximately 40 works, including paintings, watercolors, prints and drawings, by some of the main artists of the national modernist scene, such as Di Cavalcanti, Djanira, Lasar Segall, Iberê Camargo, Guignard, Rebolo, Anita Malfatti, Aldo Bonadei, Burle Marx, Marcelo Grassmann, Carlos Scliar, Pancetti, Flávio Shiró, among others.

When? Until March 27, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm
Where? BNDES Cultural Space | Avenida República do Chile, 100, Center
How much? Free

There is a theater during Carnival. In the play “Billdog 2”, with text by Joe Bone, the audience knows the story of the mercenary Billdog. He is back in an electrifying police plot, with references drawn from noir and action films, comic books and pop culture mainly from the 70s and 80s.

When? Until March 1st, with sessions from Wednesday to Sunday, at 7:30 pm
Where? CCBB RJ | Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 – Downtown
How much? R $ 30 (whole) and R $ 15 (half price) | Secure your ticket here
Duration? 65 minutes
Parental rating? 18 years

There will be Cordão da Bola Preta shaking the center of Rio during this Carnival! This year, the parade honors two great women important to the block’s history: Elizeth Cardoso, eternal godmother of Cordão, and the pioneer Carmen Costa, who recorded the official hymn for Bola for the first time. Both would complete 100 years of life in 2020.

In addition to the lively music, the block has more than special presence. The drum queen is Paolla Oliveira, the godmother is Maria Rita, the godfather is Neguinho da Beija-flor, the standard bearer is Leandra Leal, the muse of the muses is Selminha Sorriso, the muse is Mirian Duarte and has special participation by Emanuelle Araújo and Nina Rosa.

When? Day 22, from 9am to 1pm
Where? Rua da Relação, 3 – Lapa
How much? Free

Who said Carnival can’t be a geek party? Yes you can! For two days, Méier hosts the Carnival Geek Folia, with several attractions for those who love games, anime, k-pop, ecosplay.

Get ready to dance to the band Netos da Dona Neves and enjoy JJANG’s choreography. In addition, there is a cosplay contest and even a medieval battle.

When? Days 22 and 25, from 15h to 22hs
Where? Dias da Cruz Street – Méier
How much? Free entrance

Bloco do Sai, Hétero RJ was born with a carnival game to respond to prejudice, bringing freedom of expression to todxs in SP, mainly during Carnival. Everyone is welcome, the only rule is to treat partygoers with respect!

Prepare the glitter, release the picumã, bring your love or find a crush to really enjoy the animation of the block. And it connects in the attractions: DJ Giordanna Forte (Anitta Tour), DJ NERI, Funtastic, DJ Camila Antoine, DJ Foxx, Madrinha – Cariucha (Girl from the flag), DJ Janayara, Muse 2020 – Steviegas (MTV Brasil), Banda Bloco do Sai, Straight RJ

When? Day 22, starting at 4 pm
Where? MAM Rio | Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, 85 – Glória
How much? Free | Book your ticket here

Hotel Selina, weekend in Rio

Credit: @ selinalapario / FacebookThe events at Hotel Selina are always very lively!

If you are the type who loves to enjoy a party from the top of a rooftop, there is a good indication in this list too. Selina hosts LAJE Carioca, a big party with a lot of ax, rhythms and drumming typical of Bahia’s carnival.

Get ready for DJ Egil, DJ Doni and Fábio Oganagô’s percussive live drums. Not bad, huh?

When? Day 22, from 6 pm to 11:30 pm
Where? Hotel Selina (Lapa Rio) | Largo da Lapa, 9 – Lapa
How much? R $ 15 (friend list ends at 4:20 pm), with name on the event wall | R $ 20 (normal ticket)
* Payment of entry only in cash on the day of the event

There is a perfect holiday for those who love national rock and Carnival. On an unforgettable afternoon, you can enjoy Cazuza’s music in the rhythm of samba, baião, maracatu, funk and fervo o with Bloco Exagerado, starting at 1pm on Sunday.

Then, from 4pm, the block Toca Rauuul presents the best of the master Raul Seixas in a rhythm of frevo, samba, marchinha, ijeja, afoxe and maracatu, without losing the rock ‘n’ roll footprint, with other rhythms such as reggae, salsa and surf music.

When? Day 23, from 12pm to 8pm
Where? Tiradentes Square – Downtown
How much? Free

Tijuca National Park on holiday in Rio

Credit: @ sheetsecaaventur / FacebookEnjoy the rest days to enjoy a light trail through the Tijuca Forest

Holidays are also great for those who enjoy a more radical role. On Tuesday, a light trail of 5 km is scheduled in Tijuca National Park. Participants will get to know two wonderful tourist spots along the way.

One of them is the Mirante da Cascatinha, an attraction that was recently remodeled by the park management. It is located at Morro do Visconde, an elevation at the entrance to the Tijuca Forest and is 517 m high. You will have a privileged view of the Picos da Tijuca, Andaraí Maior and Pedra do Conde.

The other stop is at the Pênsil Bridge of Cova da Onça, which is in the Vale do Humaitá, also in the Tijuca Forest. It is a suspension bridge that crosses the rocky bed of the Humaitá River, which rises on the east side of Morro da Cocanha. It is 27 meters long.

The role is organized by AvenTur Dry Leaf.

When? Day 24, from 9am to 1pm
Where? Tijuca National Park | Meeting Point 1: Praça Saes Pena, in front of Lojas Americanas, at 9am. 10 Minute Tolerance. | Meeting Point 2: Praça Afonso Viseu (Pracinha do Alto) at 9:40 am. 15 Minute Tolerance.
How much? R $ 25 | Pay on the day of the event

This year, the parade of Sergeant Pimenta’s block will be marked in history. The group completes 10 years animating Carnival. And, to complete, it is 60 years since the Beatles appeared.

If you want to participate in this double celebration in style, prepare your heart to hear classics like “Come Together”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Here Comes The Sun”, “All My Loving” and much more!

When? Day 24, from 10 am to 2 pm
Where? Aterro do Flamengo (near the Monument to Pracinhas)
How much? Free

Mini club

Credit: @ listenclean / FacebookThere is an intimate party at this Rio Carnival at Rio Forest Hotel

There is a super party for those who want to enjoy Carnival in a more intimate way: the Miniclub party. In addition to enjoying good music, you also enjoy a wonderful setting, including a pool and drinks;

Who will command the drowsy are the DJs Alexia Glensy (London / SP), Birds Of Rhythm (HERE.), Ferraro, Gui Toledo, Matthew tuK and Pedro Piu.

When? Day 24, from 14h to 00h
Where? Rio Forest Hostel | Rua Joaquim Murtinho, 517 – Santa Teresa
How much? Free tickets with name on the event wall and admission until 5 pm on the 24th | Tickets to R $ 20 with name on the event wall and entry after 5 pm on the 24th | R $ 50 tickets for those who have no name on the event wall

Left, musical hodgepodge that everyone now? This is the proposal of EITA – Various Musical Experiences. During Carnival, you can enjoy an intense program until 7am on the 26th!

It has names like Tropicals, MangoDJs, Coletivo Pirajá, Ciana Lopes, Mariana Filippo and Fresh Prince. The attractions are divided into two stages!

When? Day 25, from 4pm to 7am
Where? Ernesto Nazareth Tour | Prof. Avenue Pereira Reis
How much? Free | Book your ticket here

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