After charging the Union, Caixa pays PLR today


After charging the Union for Caixa to anticipate the payment of the second installment of PLR 2019, the bank announced that it will make the credit this Wednesday 19. On the same date, Caixa released its balance sheet for 2019, which recorded a profit of R $ 21.057 billion.

> Unionize and strengthen the fight to defend the rights of bank employees

“Yesterday we sent a document to Caixa’s management asking for the advance and today we were pleasantly surprised when we were notified by the national superintendent that there will be credit on the payroll later this Wednesday 19 and the amount can be viewed by workers on Thursday 20. A fair reward for employees ”, says the union director and CEE / Caixa coordinator, Dionísio Reis.

“It is always important to emphasize that PLR is a pioneering achievement for bank employees, organized in their unions and other representative entities. At Caixa, this achievement dates back to 2003. Before that, there was only PRX, which was only paid for leadership positions, for those who hit the targets. In 2010, we achieved Social PLR, which is the linear distribution of 4% of profit, an important recognition of the fundamental work of employees for the development of the country with the implementation of public policies and social programs ”, adds Dionísio.


Regarding the 2019 balance sheet, Dionísio regrets that the result was largely driven by the sale of assets and also the information that the bank paid R $ 11.4 billion in IHCDs (Hybrid Capital and Debt Instruments) to the National Treasury in the year past.

“The result was largely driven by the sale of assets, which reinforces our complaint that Caixa is being privatized to pieces. In addition, the bank announced that last year it paid the National Treasury R $ 11.4 billion in IHCDs (Hybrid Capital and Debt Instruments). Unfortunately, Caixa’s current management understands IHCDs as a debt to the treasury, and not contributions to the execution of fundamental public policies for the country, something that is in the essence of a public bank’s social function. This position shows an unfortunate strategy of decapitalizing the bank and weakening its role for the development of the country ”, emphasizes the director of the Union.

“It is important for employees to mobilize and be prepared to debate the importance of Caixa 100% Pública with society. More than ever, the defense of Caixa 100% Pública and employees’ rights are urgent and inseparable struggles ”, concludes Dionísio.

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The Union’s website will publish, on Thursday 20, the complete analysis of Caixa’s balance sheet.


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