After tests, Dudamel tries to put style into practice in the Atlantic for the South American debut


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The initial planning of the Atlantic predicted that the first matches of 2020 would become important for the group’s evaluation and for the players to gain rapport and pace of play. But, after the draws with Coimbra (0-0) and Tombense (1 to 1), both at Independência, the alvinegro team embarked for Argentina experiencing their first moment of suspicion, just before Thursday’s important duel with the Unin-ARG, at 9:30 pm, in Santa Fe, at the premiere South American. The recent drop in production now compels the team to have a new attitude to bring good results as a visitor.Nor would it be exactly stumbling against teams with lower budgets to be the team’s biggest problem. With the exception of the victory over Tupynambs by 5 to 0, the Rooster had great oscillation at different times in all the games of the State. Against Tombense, for example, the team saw the opponent open the scoring in the first half and only dominated the match in the middle of the complementary stage. Before, against Coimbra, Rafael Dudamel’s men were effective in the first minutes and saw the team of Contagem startle in the final part of the game.

The Venezuelan coach understands that it is normal for the team to be irregular in the first games of the season, in which the athletes are getting to know each other. “I remember that we are starting work, the biggest difficulty with the pre-season and the competition. The fan has the right to demand that we win. My message to the fans, tranquility, support, that we will build a winning team ”.


One of the highlights against Tombense, striker Marquinhos understands that Galo is still far from what it can show in 2020: “The latest results do not hinder us. We know about our ability, how much we have quality. We have a lot to improve, but we will prove this during competitions, games and training. We will evolve with each passing day ”. For him, the collection of the natural fan, but it does not disturb the group: “We know that the fans are upset due to the greatness of the club. We deal with criticisms in a normal way. They will support us, they have every right to charge. the answer. The answer for everything to work and evolve and the results come out ”.

Another problem faced by Dudamel is the “disappearance” of players considered key players in the tactical scheme. One of them is striker Di Santo, who has been the most crucified by the stands. The 30-year-old did not score in the season and lives in the shadow of the arrival of a new shirt 9, a promise from the board for the coming days. Left-back Fbio Santos, although he is the team’s top scorer in the year, with two goals (both from a penalty spot), also lives with the biggest charges for falling in performance at times of the game. For the Argentine game, he will already have the competition of the newcomer Guilherme Arana, related for the first time.

Dudamel understands that the good functioning of the tactical scheme can make athletes stand out: “My biggest job is to strengthen the collective. Within a good collective, it is easier for individuals to stand out. The matches allow me to know the best ability of the players. Marquinhos, for example, very good on the right. He more skilled, more passive. We have good athletes in positions, which allows us to make a good team ”.


1 x 0 Uberlndia (Sabi Park)
Best moment: first 30 minutes, when he was well physically and balanced the pace with the opponent
Worst moment: throughout the second half, when losing intensity due to lack of rhythm

5 x 0 Tupynambs (Independence)
Best moment: the team had wide dominance after the expulsion of full-back Henrique, in the 29th minute of the first half
Worst moment: team started at a slow pace and took some time to tune in

0 x 0 Coimbra (Independência)
Best moment: opening moments, with three clear chances of goal (two with Jair and one with Mailton)
Worst moment: the second full time, because he finished only once and saw the opponent arrive with danger at least twice

1 x 1 Tombense (Independência)

Best moment: final half of the complementary stage, after Allan and Hyoran’s entries, which better organized the team’s midfield
Worst moment: Galo had problems in the first half because of the apathy and lack of integration of the reserves


The duel between Unin de Santa Fe and Atltico, at Estadio 15 de Abril, in Santa F, Argentina, will be broadcast exclusively on the DAZN sports streaming platform.

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