Alexia has erotic thoughts with villain


Alexia and Renzo in a hot scene of the soap opera of seven (photo: publicity / TV Globo)
Alexia and Renzo in a hot scene of the soap opera of seven (photo: publicity / TV Globo)

The young lady of the global plot completely lost control of her life and gave herself completely to pleasure

In Save Yourself, Deborah Secco’s character will have another hallucination with Renzo. After beating Zezinho thinking he was the bad guy, calling him a murderer and a lying dog, Kyra and Luna imagined that madness was caused by hunger. Find out what’s going on in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera!

In the chapter that is scheduled to air this Tuesday (4th), Alexia will have a hallucination a little more … hot with Renzo. The girl will get drunk at a street party in Judas do Norte and will perform at a karaoke in the city of Salve-Se Quem Puder.

Alexia is going to drink a typical drip from the city called Cajuzinho and she will think that the drink is a juice, we can already imagine that the actress will abuse a little bit of the “wicked drip”. Zezinho will find Alexia spilling the drink, the host will say that she shouldn’t attract attention in the city.

The girl will say that she just wants to have fun and asks to be left and she will leave as soon as possible, without Zezinho being able to explain to her that the drink is not what Alexia is imagining. Sweet Ermelinda’s son will spend the night chasing the drunk actress in the seven o’clock soap opera.

Rafael Cardoso plays Renzo in Salve-se Quem Puder (photo: reproduction / TV Globo)
Rafael Cardoso plays Renzo in Daniel Ortiz’s soap opera (photo: reproduction / TV Globo)

Will the couple really match the soap opera at seven?

In the plot, Zezinho will find Alexia swimming in a fountain in the peaceful Judas do Norte. After the two give an extremely loving kiss, Renzo, in disguise, will take the girl home completely in love and without the slightest idea that Alexia is having a hallucination caused by the excess of Cajuzinho.

Alexia will fall asleep like Sleeping Beauty and when she wakes up she will pretend that nothing has happened. This attitude will greatly hurt the resident of the small town Judas do Norte, in which the current phase of the seven o’clock soap opera takes place.

Alexia will not want to accept that she stayed with Zezinho, she believes she deserves much more than a country guy. The good guy, on the other hand, will not be quiet of being snubbed by the patricinha, but it will only be her getting close to him to die of love.


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