BA Technical Police say militiaman was shot at least 1.5m


Militiaman Adriano Magalhães da Nóbrega was killed by two rifle shots, fired at least a meter and a half away, and arrived at the IML in Alagoinhas (BA) with his lungs destroyed and his heart torn. The details were released by the Bahia Technical Police Department at a press conference that brought together Alexandre Silva, a medical examiner responsible for the autopsy on the body of captain Adriano (as he was known), the director of IML, Mário Câmara, and Elson Jefferson Neves da Silva, general director of DPT-BA. According to the coroner, the autopsy determined that the militiaman was hit by two rifle shots, with no definition of caliber. The press, the experts have repeatedly denied that the shooting occurred in a distance of less than a meter and a half. “If you take a 762 caliber rifle, for example, put it close to the jaw, you will have a jaw for everything that is a place,” said Câmara; they, however, avoided calculating the exact distance of the shot. They said it was “impossible” to estimate the distance without retrieving the weapon and conducting ballistics tests. Even so, Câmara reinforced, in almost all the answers, that the distance is more “long” – from a meter and a half to two – than “short”. There are still reports – such as ballistics – to be released, with no deadlines revealed.


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