BBB20: Lucas reveals that he left a surprise and exposes details: “gonna stink”


Lucas was eliminated from BBB20 (Photo: Reproduction)
Lucas was eliminated from BBB20 (Photo: Reproduction)

Lucas sends message after leaving BBB20

As you know, Lucas, from BBB20, was eliminated from the wall this Tuesday of the reality show of TV Globe. The participant had become the center of controversy after some of his attitudes inside the house, such as, for example, giving zero parcels in the purchase of food for home.

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Its elimination was already expected by the general public. However, it is wrong to think that Lucas has completely disconnected from the BBB20. This Wednesday morning, February 19, before participating in the Mais Você program, the Galina family member went to Instagram to make a revelation.

Before participating in the Mais Você program, the catarinense told, in a story, that he left a “surprise” for the brothers of the BBB20 house. However, Lucas chose to keep the surprise and, so far, has not revealed what it was about.

It is worth mentioning that, during Lucas’ participation in Mais Você, Patrícia Poeta, Ana Maria Braga’s substitute in the morning, surprised the audience and was highly praised. Many observed the treatment that the presenter was giving to the ex BBB20 and celebrated through the social network.

“URGENT! Patrícia Poeta is hospitalized with severe back pain after carrying the program today on her back and still having to confront two stupid males at once (guest and work partner). # Mais Você ”, published a profile that was watching Lucas’s interview, the recent one eliminated from BBB20, on Globo.

Controversy in BBB

In his last week in the game, Lucas ended up causing the biggest controversy after he gave 0 parcels for the purchase of the week, compromising and a lot the weekly food of people who are at ? __ xts__[0]= 68.ARBCCuPdD6KMlI8MvpTiL62L4kooEQVIKoH9N6QAWHawIfzHXv4beoSQPkzbpuu-fioeEf-UgUAsCgb_ztlVMAYeLO7pOjmoZ31AZ6LF0e8BBwYmIxFkbbDPi25T5akZLDjt9Ziv0ofk12bjZgBVL5G71YxFOq5Vc7vW6QzTeHKTrD5x7XU_XLnRUdCQtpV9yWaKpbakMjLve03b_JVJwLZtwt5hzO-O3Vcsazs0b6CL-HIYF9TKDN-aGbURF60LCKNYhCOFdaY4BsNtoL66BpITUQO7ljQHIuLDGLny3LdTYWaonhkt7t39Zzzh-SDqmRFSyTfQKL-oNBIAZjGjIhRNGg & __ __ tn = -. R “> Xepa Participants were required to conduct a food rationing, so that it over until the next purchase.


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